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LB 1 enjoy their Reward Afternoon!

Having achieved enough stars to fill the Reward Star Target Challenge, LB 1 pupils chose to cook as their reward. With a lot of laughter and enjoyment, we explored food hygeine, food preparation and a balanced diet before creating our own healthy and ‘treat’ kebabs.

For our Rainbow kebabs, we used fruit, firstly washing and preparing the fruit before stacking to produce a food product.





Finally, we worked on our’treat’ kebab, using marshmallows to create our own snowmen.





I do believe that we have some future Michelin Starred chefs in the making!

Exploring ‘Errol’s Garden’ by Gillian Hibbs

Over the past few weeks, LB 1 have taken on the role of ‘Gardeners’ like Errol in the story ‘Errol’s Garden’ by Gillian Hibbs.

We became gardeners of our own gardening plot and have prepared it for ready for our own planting of bulbs.



Some of us loved finding mini beasts. Others were not so sure!

We also did a little bit of planting within the classroom – cress. We are observing it grow and making sure that we water it daily. Watch this space to see which gardener is most successful.


                   Day 1                                                                           Day 5


In addition to sowing our seeds, we have explored the types of flowers that Errol may have grown. We used our senses to feel, smell and describe the similarities and differences between the flowers. Seven days on and the classroom still smells like a florist.



As part of our IT learning, we became photographers for the day, photographing Errol’s garden landscapes.


Can you believe it’s 2022?

Happy New Year to everyone.

Even though this week was a short one, we have filled the days with creativity, exploration and talk.

Yr. R have refined their fine motor skills, threading, weaving and pinching with some new resources.


Dr. Fishwick worked with the pupils to explore and recognise materials – both man made and natural.


The pupils learnt a new word – Fabric.

As part of our computing curriculum, the Year 1 pupils became photographers. They had a task to photograph captivating images with the theme of ‘Blue’. We explored all areas of the school to find inspiration. Over 100 photographs  were captured within a ten minute period. Professionals in the making!


Finally, the professional photographers reviewed their images to delete the  ones that they were unhappy with until they found their favourite photograph.


Welcome LB 1 , a New Year has begun!

Two weeks have passed and already the new cohort feel as if they have been within the Language Base forever. Friendships have formed and all the pupils have settled into their new individual routines comfortably.

We have spent the first two weeks getting to know each other and completing many team challenges and communication sessions.

We have began our curriculum for the Autumn term – Our Place in History.

The children have all been so enthusiastic about their learning both within LB 1 and their mainstream setting, I am very excited to see what the year holds for us all.

Yr. R pupils enjoy their time in Reception:


Communication and Listening in LB 1:

Motor Skill activities in LB 1:




Sequencing work learning: First, then and last.

LB2 stars at the stat of term

Welcome to all. The children have settled in well and are beginning to get used to working hard in KS2. It is lovely that they can benefit from accessing larger classes in mainstream and the communication opportunities that affords. They have shown so many of the school values in the last two weeks. We have been busy with our usual drama activities to introduce our book – Tuesday – and created a giant timeline on the field to show where the Ancient Greeks fit into history. We have also been creating symbols in clay to represent ourselves in RE as we reflect on symbols that are important in faith especially Hinduism

Family learning classes available now – art, maths, science, E-Safety

Family Learning courses are due to start in the new few weeks. We have some spaces left on a few courses so I wanted to share with you the courses parents can still book on. The courses are all free (parents need to tick the “free due to Covid” box when booking on). All courses have a maximum of 18 places so parents need to book their places as soon as possible:


Art to Support your Wellbeing for Parents 


Maths in the Early Years


Art to Improve your Self-Awareness for Parents


Maths in Key Stage 2 and 3 for Parents

Maths in Key Stage 1 for Parents


English in Key Stage 1 for Parents


Science in Key Stage 1 and 2 for Families


E-Safety for Parents – Keeping Safe Online


Cook with your Teenager for Parents and Teens


Any questions please let me know,

Jessica Harris

Family Learning Manager

Adult & Community Education Manager

People Directorate

Phone number: 01905 844322


Website to book courses:

Facebook: @adultlearningworcestershire

Twitter: @WorcsAdultLearn

Adult Community Learning Team phone number for any enquiries: 01905-728537


Week ending Friday, 13th March, 2020

We started our exploration of a new text by Julia Donaldson, this week being ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’ We explored repetition and sequencing before writing some wonderful sentences about each of the key events. Both Mrs Pitcher and Miss Troth were left speechless by the writing produced by every child.

The giant then became the stimulus for our Art activity. We worked in two groups to create life size collages of the giant before and after he changed his clothes.


         The giant before!                                                The giant with his new clothes!

Our week ended with Sports Relief. We spent the majority of the day involved in some sort of sports activity both inside and outside of the classroom. We were all exhausted by the end of the day!

Agility races in the classroom:


Exercise Class with Joe Wicks:


Outdoor team challenges including:

  • Agility course and Ball Skills races


  •  Team Ball Skills 1 minute challenges


The Winners!


Yes, we are open !

There are NO confirmed cases of coronavirus in school.

I have spoken with Public Health England and the Local Authority following the coronavirus information shared by a parent this morning. I am advised that the family who contacted the school today are self isolating under the new guidance as a result of an NHS assessment but have NOT been tested. Therefore please be assured the cases are NOT confirmed .If your child has a new dry cough and/or a high temperature or is in a household with anyone with these symptoms then you must self -isolate. The on-going advice is that our school remains open and will remain open unless we are directed to close. We advise that you continue to keep any children with symptoms and siblings at home for 14 days. If you collected your child from school today and there are NO symptoms in your household then please ensure they return to school tomorrow. We continue to put as many preventative measures in place as we can to keep our children and families safe and are using today as a further opportunity to deep clean. Please be reassured we are acting on the advice given by Public Health England and the Local Authority.

Week ending 6th March, 2020

This week was full of investigating characters and books as a celebration of World Book Day.

Literacy focused on The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson. We worked to rewrite the story before creating our own drama interpretation. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the drama games and were able to improvise conversations based on hot chocolate and Super Mario!


In Music, we continued to find the rhythm and beat of popular songs. As always, the pupils were completely motivated by the instruments and are beginning to recognise 1, 2 and 4 beat patterns.


Purposeful Play focused on creating characters and role-playing different scenarios linked to story cards. Lots of imaginative play evolved and some rather interesting characters too!


Finally, World Book Day arrived. The class had the delight of arriving in school dressed in their pyjamas. They spent the day sharing their favourite stories and participating in activities alongside the other KS 1 classes.