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World Book Day – take a read on the wild side

This year our school’s theme was: Wild About Reading! Just take a look at all the wild animals that arrived into school today.  The children shared their information fact-file about their chosen animal and their ‘caught in the wild’ photographs.  What a lot of  wild and wacky places to be caught reading.

Our special visitor was from our local library and she shared a story about jungle animals and answered the children’s questions about her job.  

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Amazing Animals!

Here we are in our fabulous WBD animal costumes. Everyone shared their factfile in literacy this morning. Thank you to  our families for their support in helping the children to do their WBD task.

World Book Day

We loved World Book Day! It was fantastic to see the amount of effort everyone had made to dress as a book character. Some pupils prepared speeches about how their chosen character fitted in with our School’s values – clearly, a lot of thought had gone in to costumes. Unfortunately, many pupils had gone home early due to the snow so there are quite a few children missing from our class picture! Well done everyone! 


World Book Day

We had a brilliant day for World Book Day. What a superb effort everyone made with their costumes!



World Book Day 3HC

Superb Science Book Ideas

This month at Lickey, we are lucky enough to have two exciting theme days – Reading and Science. Here are some excellent book ideas to engage your child in both of these exciting subjects.


Human Body Odyssey

In this book, Astro Cat adventures into the Human Body. On each page he explains how a different bodily system works.

by: Dr Dominic Wallman and Ben Newman


Wild World

Wild World uses poetry to describe habitats that children might find exotic.

by: Angela McAllister


Destination: Planet Earth

This book will tell you all about Earth Science – perfect for our topics on volcanoes and the active planet!

by: Jo Nelson and Tom Clohosy Cole.


Outdoor Maker Lab

A book filled with lots of experiments to complete with household items. Perfect for any budding chemist.

by: Robert Winston


How Science Works

For Year 6+, this book explains how many different aspects of Science work for the older reader and adults.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions.


World Book Day 2018

Nursery enjoyed dressing up and talking about their book characters today. We enjoyed listening to some of our favourite stories and we were lucky to have a librarian come in and share a story with us too.

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World Book Day

Thank you all for your amazing support of World Book Day! 

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World Book day in Reception

The children were really excited to share their story book character with their friends and our special visitor from the local library. She shared an  amazing story all about a bear who wants to be a bee and lucky for us we get to take a copy home to share with our family. 

World book day in 2AP

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