Month: May 2018

Plant Parts

We spent the afternoon exploring the different parts of plants, from root to leaf via stems, under the microscopes. We examined different seeds, including seeing how dandelion seeds fly, and the fruits that surround them. We looked at the hairs on leaves which perform different functions such as protecting furry leaves from strong sunlight, injecting poison in nettles and clinging on to clothes and fur in goose grass. Did you know the flower head of a daisy is actually lots of tiny yellow flowers surrounded by white flowers? We also studied mosses and ferns and different types of soil.

Looking at Leaves

Year 1 have been looking at leaves. We started by focusing on colour by going on a scavenger hunt for different shades of green on the school field. We soon found out that the grass, tree leaves and other plants on the field used a wide range of greens which we had fun creating names for, such as Bleen (a sort of bluey-green) and Barnt Green (describing a buttercup leaf).

We then returned to the classroom to look at leaf shapes and details such as veins by sketching some of our leaves.

Classification Keys

This term, Year 6 have been looking at the classification of living things including creating our own classification keys. We started with something simple to get the hang of it – different sweets. However, by the end of the lesson we were designing keys to identify British bumblebee species.

Powerful Pulleys

You’ve got an enormous turnip that needs pulling up? No problem! We’ve been finding out about pulleys and how they can be used to make lifting heavy weights easier.

A time for maths?

In maths we were estimating and timing  how long it took  us to do different  activities. such as sharpening a pencil, doing 12 star jumps or taking our shoes and putting them on again. Some of our estimations were close but some were a long way off! It was challenging but fun!

1KG Art

In Art we were learning to use tools to shape playdoh. We will use these skills to make our faces .

Princess and the Pea

1KG have read the story of the Princess and the Pea. We worked together in groups to create our story maps. 


10k run

10k race!

Our teachers ran the Birmingham 10k run for the Birmingham Children’s hospital (BCH)