Month: October 2018

To Infinity and Beyond!

Year 2 had great fun making rockets today. After tweaking our designs we went outside to test them as we learnt about how rockets work. Ours were powered by water but we discovered that the science is not that different from real space craft.

We’ll be learning more about forces in the second half of the term.

Reflective symmetry

Today, we have been using mirrors to see what the other half of a shape looks like when it is reflected.  Then we were carefully drawing the rest of the shape. We used tricks like counting the number of squares away from the mirror line and using dots to plot the vertices of the shape on the squared paper.

Harvest Assembly

We had a Harvest Assembly at half past two today. Mrs Jones and Mrs McGowan took us to the reception area to look at all the donations. We asked lots of questions about the things that had been kindly donated for our assembly. 


Year 3 had a wonderful time baking with Mrs Cupper last week! The children baked bread! The children worked very well in a team to follow a recipe, knead and bake a loaf of garlic bread. How does this relate to Ancient Egypt? Well they loved garlic and bread was a staple food . It hasn’t changed much, has it? 


Our wonderful trip to the Transport Museum

We have had such a lovely day at the Coventry Transport Museum today. We went on a journey through time exploring how transport has changed and then explored what cars of the future might look like. We then had a lovely time exploring Victorian cycles and why bikes like the boneshaker got its name! The children’s behaviour was outstanding, well done Year 2!


Why is the Sky Blue?

Why is the sky blue? How are rainbows made? What would the world be like without colour?

After sharing ideas about why colour is important we explored the science of colour through lots of activities. We used coloured torches to mix light, made colour wheels, tried coloured filters, used prisms to create rainbows and played with a “sky” tank to make blue skies, yellow suns and orange sunsets.


2MG have been perfecting their forward rolls and, for those who can’t already, tackling cartwheels in PE. We have even put them together into routines. We’ve worked so hard that we decided to have a week of fun exploring the wall bars.

Reflective symmetry

We are learning how to complete 2d figures (shapes) across a mirror line. It was tricky today  to see how to draw the other half  of the shape. We tried our best and used mirrors to  help us ‘see’ where to draw the shape.                                                                                                   

Spanish Letters

The children in year 2 have received their letters from the Spanish children today-they were very excited. We look forward to received and writing our next letters in November. 

Adjectives & Volume

In literacy we have been composing our own autumn poems using similes and adjectives.  We will be performing our poem using an instrument to convey the sounds of autumn. Today we sorted our adjectives  (e.g. crunchy, squishy, sticky) into sound levels – Whisper/Classroom voice/Playground voice and have chosen one instrument each to play in three different ways to reflect the three  volumes.  Tomorrow we will practise our poem and perform it in front of our class.

Here is our class work: