Month: January 2017


This afternoon year 1 became Paleontologists! We hunted for bones in the sand using paintbrushes to carefully clean them, and then put them back together to make a dinosaur! We also excavated chocolate chips from cookies using cocktail sticks, it was very tricky! We sorted dinosaurs into groups and had a go at sketching fossils millions of year old.


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In Reception this week we have been having great fun with shape, making symmetrical patterns and creating patterned mittens.  We used our find motor skills to colour in squares and rectangles, without crossing the lines, to produce pictures in the style of Piet Mondrian and had a go at using loom bands to make 2D shapes.   Mr Maker’s ‘I am a shape song’ on cBeebies was a big hit too!


LHPSN Young Voices

Well done to our amazing Singing Group who went to the Genting Arena in Birmingham to perform in a choir of 6,583 people! Have a look at the photographs on the Curriculum > Music > Young Voices page to see just how much fun everyone had. Mrs Landon said everyone performed brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thank you to everyone involved – we love our music at Lickey! 

Turtle Power!

As part of our Mediterranean theme, Year 4 have been researching the dangers faced by sea turtles. Did you know that turtles mistake plastic carrier bags for jellyfish – one of their favourite foods! The things we do and choose to eat can have a huge impact on other creatures and so we made posters to spread he message.


Icy Experiences

The children have been finding all about ice – it floats, it contains lots of air bubbles and melts in our warm hands!  We discovered that salt also melts ice. We tested our knowledge about the conditions needed to form ice.  It was amazing to watch ice crystals form on the surface of a tin.  It looked just like the frost we see in our playground. 

IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1477 IMG_1485

First few weeks

What an exciting start back to school we have had. 

Our theme for this half term is Frozen;  we have been investigating animals that live in the cold and how they keep warm.  We have been using adjectives in our writing to describe how the cold feels, looks, smells. 

We have been investigating the different ways information is presented as well as practising our addition and subtraction skills. 

Rowan, Harrison and Jaiden have all won the reading bear so far. 230 227

Listening Eeyore has been won by Oscar.IMG_4502

Our maths and writing stars of the week have been Harrison, Jacob, Jaiden and Taylor. 

Well done to you all.



Parent Questionnaire Responses

Please go to the Newsletter/Letter section to read the responses from the December 2017 Parent Questionnaire. During the forthcoming parents evening Mrs Williams will be available in the Main Hall at a parent forum table to discuss the topic of Home Learning – Please do drop by to share your views. 


Meet the Builders

Reminder: Come and meet the builders and see what exciting projects we have planned for our school. 6-7pm Tuesday 17th January, school hall. 

Literacy Learning Next Week

Next week we will be starting a topic on Stories by the Same Author. Our chosen author is Satoshi Kitamura. To find out more about this great author and illustrator, have a little look at this link!

Happy reading from Miss Boyer

Fun in the snow!!

This morning we all went outside and made the most of the snow!! We made footprint patterns in the snow, rolled snowballs around the playground, and worked together to put the snowballs together to make snowmen!

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