Month: June 2018

CSI Lickey Hills

Year 6 have been forensic scientists using microscopes to analyse evidence from a crime scene (The Great Jelly Baby Raid!) We identified newspaper, tissue and fibres left at the crime scene, compared finger prints before finally analysing a Jelly Baby that was left behind with some kind of substance stuck to it.


What a lovely time we had at Wonderland this week. The children  really enjoyed visiting the different traditional tales homes and going on the different rides. When we got back to school we made a lovely book of our favourite things and decorated a biscuit as a  well done treat for being so sensible and well behaved.

Art Year 1

Today in Art we learnt about Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at his famous Sunflower painting and then drew our own.

2MG Art Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy


Receptions Assembly

Thank you for watching our class assembly we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

Andy Goldsworthy

We have had such a lovely afternoon learning about the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. We learnt that he uses natural materials to make sculptures and pieces of art. We went outside to find our own natural treasures and came back to the classroom to make our own sculpture. We had ladybird sculptures, blue whales, snails and more…!

Microscopes in the Early Years

Both Reception and Nursery had the chance to use a microscope this week as we took a close look at bugs, beetles, spiders and other invertebrates. We thought they looked very strange and very hairy when zoomed in – some had some rather scary fangs!

Summer Fayre Enterprise and Fundraising Fun…

Thank you SO much to everyone who supported the school’s fundraising on Saturday. It was a pleasure to welcome so many families and friends to Lickey Hills for the day. Many thanks to the children, parents and staff who planned, organised and contributed to their enterprising competitions and stalls . Huge thanks to the PTA for organising the event on school’s behalf and for all the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes on throughout the year . We were joined this time by Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council who funded the advertising and the Animal Man and also the Women’s Institute who provided delicious cakes and preserves. The weather was kind and we had a record number of visitors through the doors. What a fantastic community spirit showing our values of cooperation, friendship and determination. As soon as we have a final figure of funds raised we will let you know. Well done again Team Lickey Hills! 

Year 2 on Safari

Year 2 headed to the wildlife garden to see what wildlife we could find. Armed with magnifying glasses, nets and pooters we found a whole host of tiny creatures including beetles, spiders, flies, ants, woodlice, centipedes, millipedes, watersnails, pond skaters, moths, tadpoles and a young newt.

Maths Week

Reception enjoyed completing a maths trail round our outdoor area.  Challenges included creating a repeating pattern caterpillar, a symmetrical minibeast from twigs and finding objects longer and shorter than our 1m Superworm ropes.