School Uniform

We are very proud of our smart school uniform and we wear it with pride.


Please read our Uniform Policy in full – School Uniform Policy 2022


Expectations for school uniform

Our school’s uniform: For various reasons we do not encourage nail polish, jewellery, earrings (except one pair of safety studs) attention seeking hairstyles, tattoos/ transfers. We ask that all long hair is tied back in a simple dark/navy/grey bobble or plain headband to avoid the spread of head lice and for other safety reasons. Watches may be worn but any valuable smartwatches are brought into school at parent’s risk. School cannot be responsible for the loss or damage to valuable items. We have a lost property box in each classroom and aim to return all named lost items to your child. Unnamed/uncollected items will be donated to our second hand uniform collection.

Nursery; Uniform for Nursery is optional; we encourage parents to dress children in uniform. Nursery children may wear a light blue polo shirt instead of a formal shirt and tie throughout the school year.

Reception: Reception children wear the same uniform as Year 1 – Year 6 children but they may wear a light blue polo shirt instead of a formal shirt and tie throughout the school year.

Year 1 to Year 6: Autumn and Spring term

  • Plain navy blue skirt, culottes, pinafore dress, or smart grey or navy blue trousers
  • Light blue formal shirt and school tie
  • Navy blue cardigan or school jumper round neck or v-neck (the school logo is optional but the cardigan/ jumper must be plain).
  • Plain white or dark ​socks ​or plain navy or plain dark coloured tights
  • Flat, sensible black shoes – Velcro is preferred for younger children.

Year 1 to Year 6: Summer term (after the Easter holiday)

  • ​Blue gingham summer dress
  • Light blue polo shirt​ or short sleeved formal shirt with tie; the school tie is not required with a polo shirt but should be worn with a formal shirt
  • Grey tailored shorts/skirt​/pinafore/culottes
  • Black, navy or white summer shoes – for safety reasons they should not be open-toed, sling back, slider or flip flop style

Please note: Trainers can be changed into at break and lunchtimes if requested. Children must arrive at school in black school shoes, except on PE days where children may wear white, black or navy trainers.

Expectations for PE:  During the autumn and spring term the children are required to wear their house coloured t-shirt with a black or navy plain tracksuit and plain white, black or navy trainers. In the summer term children are required to wear their house coloured t-shirt with navy shorts (not cycling shorts).  

Our PE and games kit is very simple and worn, without exception, from Reception through to Year 6. You will be told, by your child’s class teacher, which day they need to arrive in school in their kit. We ask that children arrive in kit as it increases time spent in PE/Games lessons, reduces ‘forgotten kit’ and lost property.

All children are required to wear their house coloured t-shirt: a plain red, blue, yellow or green t-shirt which can be purchased from supermarkets etc. They will remain in their set house colour for the whole duration of their education at LHPSN. 

PE Kit List 

Navy shorts (not cycling shorts)

Black pumps

A black or navy plain tracksuit and white, black or navy trainers –  Children should not arrive in sports logo tops or tracksuits.

Expectations for Swimming Kit: All Year 4 children go swimming and therefore will need a plain swimming costume or swimming shorts (no longer than thigh length) children with long hair will need to wear a swimming hat. If your child would like to wear goggles please ensure that you have filled out a permission letter from the office.

Expectations for shoes, bags and coats: All children should wear a coat with a hood in the autumn and spring term. We recommend a lightweight raincoat for the summer term. Coats must be labelled clearly.

Children should arrive in school in sensible, flat school shoes. If your child is still learning how to tie shoe laces please send them in Velcro shoes. The school site has ramps and flights of stairs within the school building – shoes should be flat and well fitting. Children should bring a school book bag or a small rucksack, these should be labelled clearly with your child’s name and class.

 Where to purchase LHPSN Uniform

*Please note – generic, plain items can be bought from supermarkets etc. and don’t have to be from the suppliers listed below. 

The Locker Room 63 Hewell Road, Barnt Green Call 0121 445 3262

School Days Church Street Bromsgrove Call 01527 877561

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) also arrange a second-hand uniform sale during events throughout the year. Please contact David Dathan, Headteacher, for any information regarding second hand uniform.