2017/18 –  95.9%

2016/2017 – 96.6%

2015/2016 – 96.7%


For all children to want to attend school at every available opportunity

For all parents to fully understand the rich and exciting opportunities available at Lickey Hills Primary school and to want their children to be part of the Lickey Hills learning experience at every available opportunity

To have open and honest discussions where non-attendance is occurring


To have clear systems of communication between School and Home, and Home and School

To exceed our target Attendance average of 97%. Attendance has risen over the past three years and been consistently above the national average for primary schools.  




As soon as you know your child is ill you must ring the school office before 9am and leave a message on our dedicated pupil absence line. We then enter this into our electronic attendance register. If your child is absent from school, you must phone school for each day they are absent. If you do not contact us, and  we are unable to reach you on the day of your child’s absence, then we will do a ‘Safe and Well’ check.

When leaving a message on the answerphone, please be specific as to what is wrong with your child, i.e. tummy upset, cold, sickness etc., rather than just saying that they are ill. This will help us greatly when doing the morning registers which, as you can appreciate, is a very important part of Safeguarding

Attendance is monitored on a weekly basis, and focuses upon those children whose attendance has dropped below 90% and those with very good attendance. In the event that your child’s attendance has fallen below 90%, the school will inform you that this has happened. Both the school and class teacher will support you in improving the situation.

If attendance rates continue to fall, for three consecutive weeks, we will invite you to a meeting, with your child, to establish a support plan to improve attendance.


 Rewards for Attendance


To reward children with very high attendance we present certificates for:

• Half termly certificates for 100% attendance

• Full term certificates for 100% attendance

• Full Year certificates for 100% attendance  

• Concurrent years for 100% attendance

The KS1 and KS2 class with the highest % attendance each week is awarded the attendance trophy, this is recorded on our attendance wall in the main school reception. Each class has their attendance recorded on their door as we know good attendance is essential for good learning.