The GLOW Maths Hub: h​ome of #YesUCan. and funded by the DfE  National Maths Hub Programme.

The GLOW Maths Hub supports and works with teachers and leaders primarily in GLOucestershire and Worcestershire by facilitating classroom based action research and innovation projects to improve the enjoyment, achievement and participation in mathematics.  Mrs Bowen is a Glow Maths Hub Primary Mastery Specialist  benefitting from high quality teacher professional development and working closely with other schools  who are also developing teaching for mastery. She leads half termly, cross school work groups which also includes two lead teachers from LHPSN; Mr Brewer and Mrs Reading. As a result of our ongoing work with GLOW the school has developed strong teaching for mastery approaches across the school.

The Grove Partnership of Schools

LHPSN is proud to be part of The Grove* partnership of schools which includes: The Coppice (Wythall), Holywell (Rubery) and Beaconside (Rubery).

Each school within our local group has something distinctive to share and we can all learn from each other’s good practice. We see ourselves as partners not rivals and collaboration as the future for further school improvement, whilst all retaining our uniqueness and individuality. This partnership has evolved from our work with the Bromsgrove schools network, which includes all first, middle and primary schools in the Bromsgrove district as is known as the Bromsgrove Learning Network (BLN).

Within the network, schools break away into smaller groups like The Grove; for LHPSN that means that we will continue to actively work with all Bromsgrove primary schools as well as BLN. Such school to school partnerships are invaluable and as such we, Bromsgrove Headteachers, are keen to continue working closely with each other

* Grove: a small collection of trees that grow as a community; they are interconnected by their roots and share resources to support each other.

LHPSN is also proud to be part of Bromsgrove Primary Teaching School Alliance

All schools within the alliance  work collaboratively and, through support and challenge, to improve and maintain strong outcomes. We are a collaborative group of schools, working with university partners, Babcock Prime School Improvement Services for Worcestershire County Council, National Education Consultants and a National Leader in Education (NLE) to provide support and challenge for each other. We are a diverse group of schools with learning and teaching at the heart of everything we do. We work with schools in Bromsgrove district and beyond to maintain and develop strong educational outcomes for children in our schools.

Woodrush Teaching School Alliance and The University of Birmingham 

We have been successful in hosting and training a number of School Direct places for Primary subjects through our partnership with The Woodrush TSA and The University of Birmingham over several years.  Our core aim is to improve the education of our students and those in the local area.