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Welcome to the team Mrs Chivers!!!!

Mrs Matthews, Mrs Chivers and Mrs Bird welcome you to LB2's page.

Our Summer theme learning will take place in your child's respective mainstream class so please take a look at their page for more information.

Reading books and home learning books will continue to be sent home. Please support your child in completing these tasks. If you require any support or guidance please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via the red book.

Some children have enjoyed taking on a reading challenge at home. If you would like to know more please see Mrs Matthews or Mrs Chivers for details. 

As the new approach to home learning has been working well ,Mrs Chivers & Mrs Matthews will continue to send out maths and literacy tasks from LB2.  We see this as a positive step to really boost the children's core skills for learning and has been working well. Tasks will relate to  current topics in the classroom which we hope will help your child to make the link between home and school. Please help your child to complete both tasks.  If you are feeling really ambitious and feel like exploring other aspects of the home learning then please go to your child's respective mainstream class webpage for the tasks. 

As always if there are any questions or concerns you have please speak to Mrs Matthews or Mrs Chivers who will be more than happy to help. 

 This term  Mrs Turner, our NEW SaLT, she will continue to be in each Thursday and Friday.

Please do look at our blog below. We try to update this regularly to give parents and carers a snap shot of what has been happening in school that week. Please do look at this with your child as it will make a super discussion point!

Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Matthews, Mrs Chivers and Mrs Bird





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Autumn Term 2018 curriculum topics:


This term we will be focusing on the different word classes and how they improve our sentences. Also we will be practising how to correctly use a thesaurus to  uplevel our word choices. We will start with describing settings and move onto characters. Different ways of starting a sentence will be a focus using, for example, prepositions and adverbs.  We will be using Roald Dahl texts as good examples of character descriptions.

Handwriting practice will feature this term using the 'lead in...lead out' style of cursive writing.

New reading record books will be handed out early on in the term - please record any reading your child does at home. A sticker will be awarded each time they read to you and 10 stickers = a dip in the dog!


Mrs Matthews will continue to teach number which incorporates the four operations and extending to one and two step word problems. Mrs Jones will be teaching properties of 2D and 3D shapes, angles and different types of triangles.   


We will be investigating  circuits and conductors. We will have lots of practical activities with making circuits and testing different materials for conductivity.  In the latter part of the term we will be studying 'Super Sounds.' 


If your child goes into their respective mainstream class then they will be studying their different topics:-

Year 6 - Australia

Year 5- Space

Year 4 - Romans

Year 3  - Egyptians

Please see your child's mainstream page for more information about the topics and for home learning tasks.

In LB2 we will be using a timeline to find out where in time the Egyptians were as well as what daily life was like for the people. We will find out about the great pyramids as well as what took place in the mummification process.  Hopefully, too, the topic will encourage the enquirer side of learning so we expect to hear lots of questions... 'What?', 'Why?', 'Who?'... from the children.



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