Special Educational Needs and Disabilities SEN/D

Mrs Williams is the school SENDCo – to contact Mrs. Williams please call 0121 445 1992 or email office@lickeyhills.worcs.sch.uk 
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion Statement

Lickey Hills Primary School and Nursery has high ambitions for all its pupils and expects them to participate and achieve in every aspect of school life. Our commitment to equal opportunities is an important aspect of our overall commitment to be a fully inclusive school. Most children’s needs are met in the mainstream school but occasionally a child’s needs cannot be met from the resources normally available in school. LHPSN has an Additional Speech and Language base Provision for children aged 4 – 11 (LB1 and LB2) that meets the needs of eighteen such children from various parts of Worcester. For further information about the Language Base classes and admission criteria for places please see their dedicated page – under the Year Groups tab on the home page. 

Meet the SEN/D Staff Team 

The school SENDCO can be contacted via office@lickeyhills.worcs.sch.uk 

  • The Governor with responsibility for SEN is Mrs Diane Hanke 
  • Mrs Reading is the SENDCo point of contact for pupils in Nursery and reception class
  • Mrs Williams (DHT) is the SENDCo point of contact for pupils in mainstream classes Y1-6 and the Language Base. Mrs Williams is a Trauma Informed Schools accredited practitioner and mental health first aider and Deputy Lead for Safeguarding and Child Protection 
  • Mr Dathan (HT) is the Designated Lead for Safeguarding and Child Protection 
  • Mrs Pitcher is the class teacher in Language Base EYFS/KS1 (LB1)
  • Mrs Teasedale is the class teacher in Language Base KS2 (LB2) she has also completed the national SENDCo Award and is the school Autism Champion. 
  • We are also supported by NHS speech, communication and language therapists and staff from the Positive Behaviour Team. 
The School SEN/D aims are:
  • set suitable learning challenges;
  • respond to pupils’ diverse needs; and
  • overcome potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupils.

We welcome all pupils and staff, irrespective of race, colour, creed or impairment. Every member of staff shares the responsibility to remove barriers to learning for all pupils, including those with a disability. We are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our pupils whatever their needs or abilities. Not all pupils with disabilities have special educational needs and not all pupils with SEN meet the definition of disability. Our systems and procedures are designed to enable all children to be included in all we do, so the children in our Language Base classes and pupils with SEND are therefore included fully in the life of the school.

The Local Offer: All local authorities in England must provide an information directory, called the Local Offer. This includes information about the education, health and social care services in the local area which are provided for children, young people and families who have SEN or disabilities. In Worcestershire this Local Offer is a website which pulls in information about relevant organisations, services, schools and settings.

The Local Offer covers: support available to all children and young people with SEN or disability from universal services such as early years settings, schools and colleges; targeted services for children and young people with SEN or disability who require additional short term support over and above that provided routinely as part of universal services; specialist services for children and young people with SEN or disability. 

Admission arrangements for pupils with disabilities

Children are admitted to Lickey Hills Primary School and Nursery according to our Admissions Policy. The admission of pupils with disabilities is the same as those applied to pupils without disabilities. The school complies fully with the Equality Act 2010 and the School Admissions Code 2012 in relation to the arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils. Where the school is oversubscribed all children are admitted in accordance with the published oversubscription criteria. Where a child is disabled the school will make reasonable adjustments and provide auxiliary aids or services to ensure that no disabled child is placed at a substantial disadvantage compared to other pupils.

Parents of children with disabilities are advised to speak to us prior to admission to discuss any reasonable adjustments required so we can plan accordingly.

Please follow this link to access our SEND Family Support Page – You can find details of local support groups,  workshops for parents/carers, links to activities for children, details on SEND assemblies we’ve shared with the children and lots more! SEND SUPPORT PAGE


Ordinarily Available – The Local Offer in Worcestershire Schools 

Ordinarily Available – The Local Offer for Birmingham

SEND Report 2023 – 2024 

Supporting children with additional needs 2023 – 2024- This document explains how we support our pupils with SEN/D at LHPSN in class 

Waves of intervention  2023 – 2024– This document explains the layers of support provided by LHPSN 

SEND Information for Parents 2023-2024

Inclusion Statement 2023 – 24

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – Guide for Parents 

SEND Policy 2023 – 24

Disability Equality Scheme & Accessibility Plan 2023 – 24

Early Help Offer for Families 2023-2024

For any concerns about your child you should always contact your child’s class teacher first.  We believe that the closer we work together the more successful any help will be. Many problems can be sorted out easily by matching the level of help to the needs of the child with step-by-step programmes. Sometimes it is felt that a child needs a particular kind of help, in which case the help of specialists from outside school may be valuable.

The SENDIASS team would like to make you aware of their free service, please see the leaflets below they provide support for children and young people with special needs. If you would like further information you can contact them on 01905 768153 or web page www.SENDworcestershire.co.uk


SENDIASS Worcestershire aims to represent the needs, views and opinions of parents or carers and children and young people to ensure their voice is heard.

SEN Support Services: This number can be used by both the general public and professionals who are looking for information on the following: Getting a child or young person assessed for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Getting a Statement or LDA transferred to an EHCP Getting an EHCP updated or changed Queries about SEN related funding Telephone: 01905 845579