Extra Curricular Clubs

We offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs. We aim to provide a range of clubs to ensure all year groups have access to a lunchtime or after school club. We also try to offer something different as we know that many of our children already attend clubs in their own time such as gymnastics,football, rugby etc. 

Our teachers and support staff give their own lunchtime or after school time to lead a club based on their own passions and skills, we appreciate this . We also use some of our PE funding to invite experts into school to share their expertise. Last year we had fencing and archery clubs which everyone enjoyed. 

To be allocated a space in a club we send out a schedule at the beginning of the autumn term where you and your child can preference club places. We then aim to ensure every child has access to a club of their choice. 

This year we are offering clubs in: Spanish, musical theatre, engineering, tri-golf, cricket, football, computing, netball, minecraft, singing, cookery, glockenspiel, recorder and phonics games. 

The overview for Clubs 2016 2017 is available here. Please click the link for more information.