LHPSN now have a PTA Facebook Page please take a look. The link below  explains our expectations of users. Please note: all comments are moderated by our administrators before publishing so please be patient when posting. 

Lickey Hills Primary School PTA Facebook page protocol

This page has been created with both the pupils and parents in mind. Feedback from parents either in the form of formal discussions or chatter on the playground has led us to create this new website so that we can help conquer some of the issues that arise around PTA events and involvement.

As parents we have all experienced mislaying a letter or thinking we’d get round to contacting the PTA about volunteering to help with events but have gone home instead of visiting the School Office.

This website offers a more convenient way to check those details, and even print off a duplicate form.
An email address has been set up to remove the constraints of contacting us during school hours, as it is often only convenient to communicate clearly and without interruption on an evening or weekend.


If you are interested to know more or you would like to be involved please email every pound raised through our community benefits every child at school. 

Date of next meeting: PTA Friday 13th March @ 9am in the bungalow on the school drive. Everyone welcome, refreshments provided 

Other Key Events 

  • Friday 27th March ~ Quiz Night.
  • Friday 3rd April ~ Easter Egg sale.
  • Thursday 21st May ~ Lucky Dip bag sale.
  • Friday 26th June ~ Summer Fayre.

Our PTA exists to provide financial assistance, where funds are available,
to enhance the education and learning experience of pupils in their time at our school.

We aim to support Lickey Hills Primary School in delivering school events and to promote and encourage parent,
carer and community involvement.

LHPSN PTA is a registered charity and is formed of Trustees –
responsible for controlling the work, management and administration of the charity on behalf of its beneficiaries.

Registered Charity No. 1000488