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Welcome to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Community Page


On this section of the website we will publish up to date information on local SEND events, support groups, organisations and tips from parents of SEND pupils at LHPSN.

SENDIAS – Special Educational Needs Disabilities Information and Support Service. Office opening hours Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.00pm Special Educational Needs Disabilities Information and Support Service (SENDIASS) , WCC Young People’s Support Services, Tolladine Road, Worcester, WR4 9NB Telephone: 01905 768153 Email:

The service aims to support and empower parents/carers, children and young people through the successes and difficulties of the education process. We aim to assist parents or carers, children and young people to feel confident and have the information and support that they need to make positive informed choices and decisions about their lives. SENDIASS Worcestershire aims to represent the needs, views and opinions of parents or carers and children and young people to ensure their voice is heard. To achieve this we regularly monitor and evaluate all aspects of our work, and actively seek the views of parents or carers and children and young people in this process.

Support in mainstream schools – This information is about support that mainstream schools should provide for children with SEN. 

SEND update meeting Power point from the most recent parent workshop. 


Dyslexia Information and upcoming events 

Assembly on ‘ What is it like to have dyslexia‘- Shared with KS2 pupils by JH


Autism information and upcoming events 

Thank you to the parent who kindly shared this excellent Autism awareness leaflet with me to add to the website. This is a great guide to share with children – it’s very child friendly and explains key messages really well. 

ASD Helpful Handout 

Assembly on ‘ What is it like to have Autism‘- Shared with KS2 pupils by HW

NAS update 

Beryl from the National Autistic Society came to school for a parent meeting. She has shared information on the progress made by the new B45 team of volunteers and support that will be coming our way for families in the B45 area. There are a series of workshops aimed at parents of children with ASD on a range of topics. Please find the flyer below. 

Flyer for Autism Workshops for parents Autism Matters information

Dates and titles of Autism workshops – All 7-9pm

Sensory Integration Issues (including shutdowns and meltdowns) – 13th June 2019 

Learning in the classroom – 11th July 2019 

We have been told about a fantastic support group for parents of pupils with Autism.

Bromsgrove & Redditch Autism Support group

Contact: Charmian McCrossan
Telephone: 07981 011362

The autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Support Group for Redditch and Bromsgrove meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 8pm-10pm, for parent meetings. We have a variety of speakers attend the meetings and have meetings where parents have opportunities to chat and exchange ideas. We also organise family activities once a month, usually on a weekend.

The address for meetings is:
Red Lion Pub (function room), Red Lion Street, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, B48 7LG.

People can contact us via our facebook page “Bromsgrove and Redditch autism support group”.
Or via email:

Click on this link to find an article in the Bromsgrove standard regarding a Bromsgrove support group for children with ASD and their families.

I would like to share a poem that a parent sent in on Tuesday 2nd April which was National Autism Awareness Day. Thank you for writing and sharing this. 

Autism Awareness Day, 2nd April – What does that mean for us?
Before our angel opens her eyes..
Is her breakfast bowl clean, and her socks with matching days.
Is the uniform laid out in a specific way.
Thump thump down the stairs is she singing or crying,
Lets prepare for meltdown as the day is just starting.
Half hour I’ve allowed to get her hair in a bobble,
Half an hour is that all?! No time for a wobble.
Singing our way to school and questions beyond imagination,
To meet her mate this morning she is full of anticipation.
Scooting along in her own little zone,
Shouts goodbye to her brother who would rather walk on his own.
Into the building she goes with a ‘new little job’
As the teachers persuade her to leave me, her mom.
The end of school day, how did it go?
Was she happy, was she anxious? I can’t wait to know.
Enough behaviour letters to repaper a mansion,
But she doesn’t care for that now, she just wants my attention.
Lines all the shoes up so perfect and releases her stress,
Bossing everybody around because she always knows best!
Dinnertime approaching how will this go,
Can I mix your spaghetti with your sauce… who knows?!
‘I need my blanket, those pyjamas are trash,
Leave me alone I want to sleep in the bath. 
The noise is too loud, the lights are too bright,
Can you rub the soles of my feet until I fall to sleep tonight?’
The storm falls quiet and her bedtime talking starts
But we made it through another day without falling apart.
Her brother & I are learning daily how to suit her needs,
Sensory, emotionally and everything in between.
GPs, paediatricians, therapists and teachers,
Are just the outsiders to this whirlwind adventure. 
It’s me that’s your safe place, your brother that’s your friend
And no matter how hard the fight we will get there in the end.
I have no idea what I am doing, I wing this every single day.
But Amelia Grace ‘with the beautiful face’ I wouldn’t have you any other way.
We love you.
And here is a link to a useful video we shared with the children about Life with ASD 

*********************************************************************************Epilepsy  information and upcoming events 

Assembly on ‘What is it like to have Epilepsy‘ – Shared with KS2 pupils by HW

Staff update training with the epilepsy nurse 4th July 2018 


If you know of any other groups or organisations that you’ve found useful then do please email us with the details at and we can then share it with the parents via this section of the website.