Month: October 2016

Week Ending 21st October

The children made their own 3D shapes in maths.  We started with a cube and then the children had a go at designing and constructing a cuboid with great results.  In writing we have been investigating the use of adjectives  as well as planning and writing a poem  Autumn.

Well done to  Jacob who won the reading bear .225



Well done to  Mally who won the listening Eeyore.


The children have worked hard all week .


Harrison   was 227awarded the writing star for super writing this week  .


225Jacob   was awarded the maths star for the super maths work he has done this week.


We also had an Achievement Assembly this week . Jaiden won Pupil of the Half Term, Cameron won the Achievement Award and Taylor won the Good Friend Award. 

  Well done to all our children.

 Have a lovely half term holiday.

We look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday 1st November .  Don’t forget there is a TED day on Monday 31st October.


An afternoon get together!


On the last afternoon of this half term we had a lovely afternoon in KS2 Language Base.  Some of our parents were able to visit for an afternoon of delicious cake as well as seeing what their children had been up to this term.  Work from Literacy, Maths and Spanish was shared and we can now recognise some common colours in Spanish thanks to one of our Year 3 girls! 

Our visitors helped their children to decorate a pumpkin biscuit although there seemed to be more sprinkles and icing on fingers than the biscuits!

We look forward to another afternoon of sharing in the Spring Term.

Mrs Jones, Mrs Matthews, Mrs Bird and Miss Morris would like to thank all our parents and carers for their continued support – it really does make a difference.

Roman Engineering

4RF conducted an investigation this week to discover which shape column was the strongest. We tested cylinders, cuboids, triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal prisms. Even though each column was made out of just a single piece of paper, the strongest held almost 3kg!

Which was the strongest? Well, let’s not spoil it for 4AB…


Autumn days

We have loved exploring the changes of Autumn starting with a lovely walk. We have studied our Autumn leaf and seed collections and helped make leaves, squirrels and hedgehogs for our Autumn display.












Puzzling Puzzles

We have been using our logical thinking in Miss Boyer’s maths group today! We found these puzzles very tricky, but we persevered to achieve! IMG_1653[1] IMG_1649[1]

2FT are Poets

Thank you 2FT for sharing your wonderful,creative poetry with me this week. I’ve really enjoyed reading your lovely words and I’m especially impressed with the extra description you’ve put in. I’m looking forward to hearing some of you read the poems to me too as I know you’re working hard on your expressive reading voices. Thank you 🙂 

Coventry Transport Museum

We have had a wonderful day at Coventry Transport Museum! We took part in a ‘Wheelie Wicked’ activity where we went around the museum drawing pictures of different wheels and we saw some Victorian bicycles. Some of us even got to dress up as the inventors and have a go at riding some of the bikes! 


IMG_1050 IMG_1047 IMG_1027 IMG_1019 IMG_1014 IMG_1012 IMG_1005 IMG_0997 IMG_0996 IMG_0986 IMG_0979 IMG_0967 IMG_0960 IMG_0959 IMG_0958


IMG_1643[1] IMG_1642[1]

The great pharaoh Tutenapple must be prepared for the afterlife! We have washed his body and we have covered him in salt. After half term we will find out what this does to the pharaoh. Sid the Slave could not afford to be mummified… we will see what happens to the apple that is not mummified!

Week Ending 14th October

Dear Parents,

A few  reminders:

Please return the e safety contract as soon as possible.

Harvest Assembly is on Thursday 20th October 2.30pm.

Home  Learning Journals to be brought in by Wednesday 19th October.

School finishes for half term on Friday 21st October .

We are continuing to investigate properties of 3D shape and data handling in maths.   In writing we have been investigating the use of 1st and 3rd person as well as discussing Autumn,

Well done to:-  Cameron  who won the reading bear,226




235Erin   who won the listening Eeyore.



The children have worked hard all week and Jacob  was awarded the writing star for working really hard with his writing and making good progress .






Harrison won maths star for his understanding and application of maths concepts . 





Well done to all our children.


Our story this week has been about three skeletons, a big skeleton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton.  The children have enjoyed creating the story setting of the dark, dark town and the characters out of playdough.  Their story telling was captured on the recordable talking clipboards and they learnt how to write a label.  We practised our scissor and mark making skills and even did a skeleton dance in PE!