Month: December 2016

EYFS ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’

Beautiful singing and wonderful costumes ! Everyone visiting said how much they enjoyed the Nursery and Reception class performances of old and new Christmas songs. It was great to see everyone joining in and enjoying the opportunity to perform on our stage. I’m sure you’ll hear lots of the songs over again this holiday! Well done EYFS and merry Christmas to you all. 

Baubles !

Congratulations to everyone in KS1 for their excellent Christmas performance ‘Baubles’. What a super story you told with your songs, dances and clear, confident voices. Our visiting families and friends passed on many lovely comments about your show. Well done all – a great team effort! 

Christmas jumper day!

Yesterday we had a party in the afternoon and played some games.  We played pass the parcel – when we were unwrapping the present mostly everyone got a forfeit or joke to share with the class.  We also played musical chairs and felt cheerful because no-one got upset about being out.  Most of us felt energetic because we all got too excited!  A special visitor came to our classroom.  Eve rang a bell and Santa came in with a big sack of chocolate and toys and we all were given a chocolate lolly.  We had our photo taken with Santa and he ‘high-fived’ us all!

Hope you have a good holiday. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you on the 4th January.

Language Base team (& pupils).


Special Visitor

    Today we found out if we were on the good list when Father Christmas arrived.  We asked him lots of tricky questions about his reindeer and how he manages to deliver presents to all the children.  Father Christmas told us that we have to go to sleep early on Christmas Eve so that he has extra time for all his deliveries!



A very special visitor!

We were so lucky in Year 1 today… we had a visit from Santa!! He answered lots of our questions and gave us all a little present as we are all on the good list!! Afterwards we enjoyed our Christmas lunch in the hall with our friends. 


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Christmas in LBSY

We have had a fabulous day today.  Miss Yates, Miss Hateley, Mrs Bridgewater and Mrs Spooner bought LBSY a Christmas present which is a Playmobil Wildlife  Play set. Taylor said it was a really good present and Harrison said ,’ we all loved it’.  Bobby and Cameron said that they  really loved the play set and can’t wait to play with it!

Look at all the photos below of our wonderful day.

Miss Yates presenting LBSY with their Christmas present. 


We met Father Christmas in the morning and we each received a chocolate lollipop. Bobby said that he loved seeing Father Christmas and Jaiden said he had a good time. Mally loved having his picture taken with Father Christmas. 


IMG_0556 IMG_0555 IMG_0554 IMG_0553 IMG_0552

IMG_0560 IMG_0558

IMG_0559 IMG_0551IMG_0566IMG_0564
We then had a wonderful Christmas lunch in the hall. It was yummy! Oscar loved all the Christmas dinner as did Jacob.  Erin said that the food looked nice and tasted delicious. 

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Finally, we had a Christmas party where  we danced, played party games and watched a show.


A very special visitor!

We had a very special visitor today…………..Father Christmas! 

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Christmas wishes

We have made a display of Santa getting stuck up the chimney and hung our stockings with our Christmas wishes. 

Nursery Christmas Activity Session

We had a wonderful session making lots of Christmas things with our families. Thank you everyone for coming and joining in the fun!



We are so proud of our wonderful Year 1s for their amazing dancing, singing and performing during our Christmas production! Well done Year 1, we are very proud!


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