Month: January 2022

Exploring ‘Errol’s Garden’ by Gillian Hibbs

Over the past few weeks, LB 1 have taken on the role of ‘Gardeners’ like Errol in the story ‘Errol’s Garden’ by Gillian Hibbs.

We became gardeners of our own gardening plot and have prepared it for ready for our own planting of bulbs.



Some of us loved finding mini beasts. Others were not so sure!

We also did a little bit of planting within the classroom – cress. We are observing it grow and making sure that we water it daily. Watch this space to see which gardener is most successful.


                   Day 1                                                                           Day 5


In addition to sowing our seeds, we have explored the types of flowers that Errol may have grown. We used our senses to feel, smell and describe the similarities and differences between the flowers. Seven days on and the classroom still smells like a florist.



As part of our IT learning, we became photographers for the day, photographing Errol’s garden landscapes.


Can you believe it’s 2022?

Happy New Year to everyone.

Even though this week was a short one, we have filled the days with creativity, exploration and talk.

Yr. R have refined their fine motor skills, threading, weaving and pinching with some new resources.


Dr. Fishwick worked with the pupils to explore and recognise materials – both man made and natural.


The pupils learnt a new word – Fabric.

As part of our computing curriculum, the Year 1 pupils became photographers. They had a task to photograph captivating images with the theme of ‘Blue’. We explored all areas of the school to find inspiration. Over 100 photographs  were captured within a ten minute period. Professionals in the making!


Finally, the professional photographers reviewed their images to delete the  ones that they were unhappy with until they found their favourite photograph.