Month: January 2016


The children in year 2 have been very busy carrying out weather experiments this week. They have made clouds in a jar using warm water and ice, measured how far objects can be blown by the wind and have made tornadoes in a bottle. The children carried out these experiments and then wrote up their findings.

What is the weather?

On Tuesday we had a morning of science fun finding out all about different types of weather and how they occur. We made tornadoes, a cloud in a jar and explored which objects can be blown further by the wind. We discovered that when testing, we need to make the test fair to give us the right results.

Ice Experiments

Bone search


Today we sketched a wide selection of animal bones and skulls! It was very fun for the class. We drew like sheep skulls an rat skulls we also looked at a big thigh bone from a pony. Would you like to look at our fantastic sketches?

Vive la révolution!

We have been looking at the French Revolution and we made a piece of word art out of all the words and names to do with the Revolution.  It was huge!

French Revolution Art

Year 5

4MT and 4SR

Year 4

4SB and 4CW

Year 3

4RJ and 4RF

KS1 Lang. Base

3RB and 3LE

Year 2

2LW and 2FT