Month: November 2016

Umberslade Farm

What an amazing day out we all had. The sun shone and the weather stayed warm and bright! Nursery enjoyed seeing lots of different farm animals and amazingly  a baby lamb was born whilst we were at the farm too. We retold the story of the nativity but best of all was meeting Santa in his cosy grotto. Well done nursery for being so sensible and well behaved and thank you too to all our grown up helpers for making this day such a success.












I came, I sawed…

4RF have been very busy, carefully measuring and sawing up wood. They’re clearly building something but what? Watch this space to find out.

We had great fun dressing up in our spotty clothes on Friday and then we made our own spotty cakes.  We did careful measuring and ensured that we used the correct amount of flour , sugar and butter which was 100g each plus 2 eggs.   As you can see we had great fun and the finished result looks scrummy!

mally mixingoscar mixingcameeronerin  mally mixingmallyjacobtaylor and erintaylorspotty cakes

Children in need

We had a wonderful day in our spots! We made pudsy bears and spotty biscuits. We enjoyed dancing and buying and selling cakes. Well done everyone! 



Remembrance poppies

We marked Remembrance day on Friday by making our own poppies. We learnt why we wear poppies and what we remember on Remembrance day. We followed the instructions to make a poppy, look how well we did… 

IMG_1060[1] IMG_1062[1] IMG_1063[1] IMG_1064[1] IMG_1065[1] IMG_1066[1] IMG_1067[1]


Nursery have enjoyed creating firework pictures. We looked at the artist Aldredge to create our own firework pictures using straws. We also used shapes to create firework representations and enjoyed our firework party role play where we could reenact our own firework experiences.


Julius Caesar (abridged version)

Well done 4RF on creating such a fantastic class assembly – you all looked so confident and acted your socks off! Give yourselves a pat on the back – you’ve “done” Shakespeare!

Caesar's Murder


As part of learning about Diwali, we watched the story of Rama and Sita acted out using shadow puppets. We then explored how to make shadows.  We needed to place an object in front of the torch to create a shadow by blocking the light.  The children then experimented moving the torch and observed what happened –  if we moved the torch closer to our hand, the shadow got larger.


Fun Friday Fireworks

To celebrate Bonfire Night safely we made some chocolate sparklers.  The children enjoyed dipping the end of a finger biscuit into the melted chocolate and then into a small bowl of sprinkles. The best part was eating them!



Back to school!

We had a lovely week in LBSY.  The children returned their home learning which included some amazing art work using autumn leaves.  Bobby draw happy faces on his leaves, Jaiden created a tree, Oscar designed a beautiful card, Jacob and Cameron  did a collage and Mally designed an amazing large face.  Harrison always discusses the exciting weekends he has which have included the Goose Fair, Halloween , the circus and Firework Night – all beautifully illustrated and handwritten. Taylor has worked really hard on his handwriting and Erin wrote about her half term.  We have put examples of the home learning   in LB kitchen as it is too lovely to keep in class. 

We discussed the firework safety code and keeping safe over Bonfire weekend.  The children discussed the fireworks they enjoyed and the types of sounds they made :- some great onomatopeia(words that sound like the sound)such as boom, crash, crackling, whirring, wheezing, bang, zoom.   We also began work on measuring using metres and decimetres. 

Harrsion won the Listening Eeyore for great listening skills.  Cameron’s name was picked out of the box for the Reading Bear.  Mally was maths star of the week for his attitude towards maths this week and Jaiden was Writer of the week for the progress he has made in writing.  Well done to all of you.