Month: April 2016

4RJ Fantastic Assembly

Thank you 4RJ for inviting me to a VIP showing of your brilliant assembly this afternoon, what a great way to share your new learning. 

Home learning board games

We loved playing our maths board games in Golden Time today! 

IMG_0642[1] IMG_0641[1] IMG_0639[1] IMG_0638[1] IMG_0637[1]


I had previously been uploading to the old blog, unaware that it no longer uploads to this web page. We are very sorry for this oversight and will be uploading many exciting things soon.

Miss Boyer

World war 2

This term we are learning about world war 2! It is very interesting.So far we have learned about Hitler, Chamberlin and Churhill. In music we learned about 2 famous artist called Vera lyn and Glenn miller. We sang we`re going to Tipperey and pack up your troubles. It was very fun!

By Oliver, Rosie, George and Michael

Miss Edwards’ Maths Home Learning

Next week we will be learning how to use our times tables to solve division sums. 

I would like you to play these games. In the comment box below tell me which one was your favourite? which one did you find easy? Which one did you find tricky?

Multiplication game and division game- hit the button (only play the multiplication and division games).

Times table grid

Division bingo

dividing by 10

World cup multiplication and division

division game

Home Learning

Wow!! What amazing home learning this week, well done Year 1! We loved reading each others superhero stories, exploring our superhero world maps and can’t wait to play the board games in Golden Time this afternoon!

IMG_0636[1] IMG_0635[1] IMG_0634[1]

Homophone crimes

Last week we learnt about homophones and the awful crimes that are being committed! Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meaning and spellings.

For example

there, there, they’re


We found that lots of adults and children are making errors and using the wrong words! We were asked put all the incorrect homophones in jail! We had so much fun doing this! 


Here are some examples of our work!

         image1 (1) 

image1 (3) image2

The enormous turnip!

Have a look at us trying to pull up the enormous turnip! We’ve had a lot of fun acting it out, writing the story and learning about the characters! 


New playground toys!

We have lots of lovely new playground equipment for lunchtimes! With the money we raised from our Christmas play tickets we got lots of new things. There’s still more to be delivered too! 


Visiting the monument

we had a lovely walk on welly Wednesday with our parents and family friends. We saw e monument from the logo on our uniform and looked for signs of spring in the woods. It was fun jumping in the muddy puddles in our welly boots and running around the clearing in the sunshine! When we got back to school, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm us all up!