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Fantastic Factfiles

This week we finished our factfiles on The Evil Gruncher.  Using 5 main headings we compiled our posters for our classroom display.

We loved using the Macbooks for writing and editing our work.

Creative Clauses

Take a look at our super clauses we have been writing for our non-chronological reports. In literacy we are working towards creating non-chronological reports about different animals that are indigenous to Australia. 


Adjectives & Volume

In literacy we have been composing our own autumn poems using similes and adjectives.  We will be performing our poem using an instrument to convey the sounds of autumn. Today we sorted our adjectives  (e.g. crunchy, squishy, sticky) into sound levels – Whisper/Classroom voice/Playground voice and have chosen one instrument each to play in three different ways to reflect the three  volumes.  Tomorrow we will practise our poem and perform it in front of our class.

Here is our class work:


Princess and the Pea

1KG have read the story of the Princess and the Pea. We worked together in groups to create our story maps. 

4AB’s Odyssey….

Throughout our writing work recently we have focused on Homer’s epic Legend; The Odyssey. Everyone has worked extremely hard to produce their own individual books inspired by the story. After finishing our own stories we got into groups of 7, with everyone writing one of their chapters. With us all showing amazing collaborative skills and teamwork we have now completed our group story posters. These pieces really showcase how everyone has really improved their writing from the start of the year. The standard of writing and presentation is way above the children’s years, so much so that when Mrs Ray came to look at our work she thought the work was done by Year 6! We hope you enjoy seeing our work! 

Non-chronological report Year 1

We have learnt about komodo dragons and created our own posters.

How to wash an item of laundry or do the dishes.

Our instructional text theme has us washing things for real! Mrs Jones made her group do the dishes and Mrs Bird’s group had to wash a pair of (clean) socks! There’s no excuse now as to why the children can’t lend a hand at home – they were brilliant today. Tomorrow, we will be writing out the instructions in clear ‘how to’ sentences.

Superb Science Book Ideas

This month at Lickey, we are lucky enough to have two exciting theme days – Reading and Science. Here are some excellent book ideas to engage your child in both of these exciting subjects.


Human Body Odyssey

In this book, Astro Cat adventures into the Human Body. On each page he explains how a different bodily system works.

by: Dr Dominic Wallman and Ben Newman


Wild World

Wild World uses poetry to describe habitats that children might find exotic.

by: Angela McAllister


Destination: Planet Earth

This book will tell you all about Earth Science – perfect for our topics on volcanoes and the active planet!

by: Jo Nelson and Tom Clohosy Cole.


Outdoor Maker Lab

A book filled with lots of experiments to complete with household items. Perfect for any budding chemist.

by: Robert Winston


How Science Works

For Year 6+, this book explains how many different aspects of Science work for the older reader and adults.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions.


Instruction for making bread

Year One children have been busy learning to write instructions. We found imperative verbs and then used them to make bread. 

IMG_0001 IMG_0003 IMG_0005

Which would YOU choose as the most important invention?

We have started non-fiction texts as our new literacy topic.  Here we are discussing and ranking which inventions are the most important. Which one would you choose and why? Could you give pros and cons for your choice? We couldn’t all agree so there were compromises to be made.IMG_1322