Month: May 2017

Manchester attacks: advice if you are upset or worried about what’s happened

The terrible events in Manchester this week have prompted some questions and concerns from our children. The website has some excellent facts and advice you may want to view with your children. I led an assembly after the Westminster attack and focussed on those who ran to save and protect – doctors, nurses, police, emergency services, taxi drivers, hotel staff all offering to help at no cost. It is important that we encourage our children to find reassurance in the courage, hope and bravery we see in people of all colours, religions and races and remind them never to be afraid to enjoy themselves and live their lives to the fullest. Have a safe and happy half term.

Y4 on Safari

We had a fantastic afternoon in the sun searching for wildlife around the school field. We found spiders, woodlice, ants, beetles, ladybirds, centipedes and lots of other invertebrates as well as some frogs and a toad. We decided that our school provides amazing habitats for all sorts of creatures.






Otis brought his microscope into school and showed the class. He found flower parts and put them into slides. He showed people what is inside the flower.IMG_2575[1] IMG_2576[1]

Get Set… Maths!

Today we got really active in our maths lesson as we competed in a Roman numerals relay. In teams we raced to collect our numerals before taking them back to put into numbered ordered. We all had a great lesson and discovered that Roman numerals are a lot easier to read than we first thought.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk, the children created story maps to help re-tell the story and added speech bubbles to show what each character said.  They have made magical beans with paint and glitter which grew into a giant beanstalk! In maths we have been finding out which footprint belongs to the giant and which bowls holds the most water. 

Race for Life and Sports Day Postponed- Dates to follow next week

Race for Life and Sports Day Postponed – Dates to follow next week

Ground Force

Year 4’s landscape designers have been hard at work researching, designing and presenting their ideas for a KS2 garden. They have produced designs that are both imaginative and take into account the needs of the garden area and they look very professional. Well done everyone in Year 4!

Recruiting for Superheroes now !

In Literacy we have been learning to write questions and then role-play an interview to recruit new Superheroes to help Superstar , the superhero who helps schools all around the world .

Click on the links below to see us in action.



We are all Superheroes !

We have been learning all about healthy foods. We considered what healthy foods a Superhero might eat and designed our own Superhero fruit smoothies.IMG_2734[1]

Excited to taste our recipes.

Using the Smoothie maker .

IMG_2740[1]Which fruits shall we use ? IMG_2741[1]


They tasted so good !





Year 6 – Excellent attitudes to learning

Year 6, I was very proud of your excellent attitudes to your learning this week when presented with some very challenging SATs tests in English and Maths. You persevered and were determined and I know you all did your very best, whatever the outcomes. Lots of sports, music and arts events ahead so you can continue to show us what great role models you are for the LHPSN dream, believe, achieve ethos!