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The Great Pottery Throw Down

2RF have had lots of fun making clay pots inspired by the ancient Nazca people of Peru this week. Once they’ve hardened we’ll finished them off by painting them.

Shell Sketches

2RF have been observing different shells closely, classifying them by their shape, colour and other features. We then did observational sketches of our shells.



Year 2, 5 and 6 have produced some amazing artwork over the past few weeks. 

Children used watercolours, felt pens and pencil crayons to complete part of an image. 

2D shapes to 3D shapes

We learned how to use perspective to make 2D shapes look as if they are 3D.   We used 5 different 2D shapes with corners and then drew around them. Then we used ruler skills to draw straight lines from each corner to a dot in the middle of the page.  We pressed down quite hard with a coloured pencil to add a deep colour to the  face of the shape then used lighter pressure to shade the other parts of the shape. 

African Mask

African Masks

We have enjoyed designing and making our African masks. 

African culture

We have made African neck collars in art today.

Do you like the bright colours and patterns we used?

2MG Art Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy


Looking at Leaves

Year 1 have been looking at leaves. We started by focusing on colour by going on a scavenger hunt for different shades of green on the school field. We soon found out that the grass, tree leaves and other plants on the field used a wide range of greens which we had fun creating names for, such as Bleen (a sort of bluey-green) and Barnt Green (describing a buttercup leaf).

We then returned to the classroom to look at leaf shapes and details such as veins by sketching some of our leaves.

1KG Art

In Art we were learning to use tools to shape playdoh. We will use these skills to make our faces .

Lest we forget….

On Friday, 4AB looked at the importance of Remembrance. We learnt and discussed about why we celebrate the day, the traditions and also the symbolism of the poppy. We then looked at how artists have used sunsets and silhouettes as a fantastic way to celebrate Remembrance day. The children were that inspired that they produced their own pieces of silhouette remembrance art. I may be biased, but I think they are amazing!

Mr Brewer