Month: June 2017

Our butterflies have emerged

Our mini- beast theme has continued this week and something extra special happened today. When we arrived at school this morning our butterflies had emerged from the cocoons. We watched their wings expand and fed them some tasty fruit. The butterflies are beautiful, they are orange and black in colour and their wings are symmetrical! We released them into the nature garden and wish them a happy life!

Guacamole! Get your guacamole!

Today we travelled back in time 500 years as we held an Aztec market. Developing our trading skills, we got to practice lots of maths as we thought about which products to put special offers on. And it wasn’t long before we got into our roles as market traders as we also learnt lots about the different foods the Aztecs ate.

Home for a Woodlouse

We’ve been investigating the habitats of woodlice, setting up choice chambers to see whether they prefer the dark or being out in the open, or if they like damp or dry conditions. We found that most of our woodlice preferred dark, dry conditions but would explore the other areas. We thought they were perhaps out in search of food and water.

No woodlice were harmed in the course of this experiment and were returned to the wildlife garden with lots of lovely new habitat material.

Home Learning – Mini Beast Poems.

The children wrote a poem about our theme this half term which is mini beasts. 

LBSY thought they were brilliant. I am sure you will agree!

The Worm by Cameron Swindale 

Cameron also made a an amazing 3D butterfly – photo coming soon.


Three Little Butterflies by Oscar Martin


The Ladybug by Harrison Southall

Harrison also made the ladybug in the photo and brought it into school. 


Open Afternoon Friday 23rd June

Thank you to the parents who came and joined LBSY this afternoon.  We had a wonderful fun time.  Thank you for all the lovely plants that the parents bought; it was really kind of you and have made a massive difference to our outside area. 

Thank you to Harrison and his mummy for being LBSY’s gardening gurus and bringing the strawberry plants; there is one strawberry ripe for picking! As well as the beautiful flowering plants. 


Thank you to Rowan and his mummy who bought a pot of herbs! Wonderful for the aromatic smells!  They also bought in windmills which add colour , movements and a lovely sound to the outside area. Rowan’s mummy was also superb at designing  and making the bunting!


Thank you to Oscar and his mummy who brought in beautiful coloured flowering plants and painted plant pots to put them in.


Thank you to Mally and his mummy who painted pots, and did a fantastic job of cleaning and sweeping the out side area! I do hope your back was ok Mally’s mummy because you worked really hard this afternoon!

SUNP0463 SUNP0458

Thank you to Mrs Bridgewater for getting everything ready and for the wonderful children in LBSY who worked so hard.


SUNP0460 SUNP0461


LBJM came to our official opening . They agreed that it was a truly magnificent effort , in only one hour, which looked amazing! I think you will agree. 

SUNP0476 SUNP0475 SUNP0471 SUNP0470

Grand opening

Miss Sailsbury officially opened the Early Years building and we loved showing our parents around. We read stories, played games and ate yummy ice lollies. We love our new learning areas!

Farm Visit Friday 16th June

What a great day we had on the farm. We saw the cows, hens and sheep. We saw how the cows were milked and then tasted milk shake ,  a variety of cheeses and ice-cream. We even made butter.
SUNP0353 SUNP0350 SUNP0423


We had a great picnic in the garden and played lots of games. 

SUNP0354 SUNP0357 SUNP0364 SUNP0377 SUNP0379

We made mini scarecrows. 

SUNP0383 SUNP0380

We met a horse called Bluey and brushed her and stroked her.

SUNP0385 SUNP0387 SUNP0399 SUNP0404 SUNP0403 SUNP0408 SUNP0414

We met a little kitten and a dog.

SUNP0426 SUNP0449

We also sat on different sized tractors.

SUNP0427 SUNP0429 SUNP0435 SUNP0439 SUNP0446

Thank you Gill and David and everyone at the farm for a wonderful day out. We all agreed it was the best day !

Enterprise Week.

Language Base worked together to create and supply our own stall for the Summer Fete on Saturday 17th June.

We decided to make squashtails.  We had to try out the flavours to see if they would sell at the fete. So we mixed some of the flavours together to make our own squashtails. 

SUNP0311 SUNP0312

SUNP0311SUNP0313 SUNP0314

We made our own popcorn using a Mrs Bird’s secret Rocky Road .

SUNP0322 SUNP0323 SUNP0323 SUNP0324

We also made our own bunting and designed posters. SUNP0316 SUNP0318


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is SuperScarecrow!!

The Language Base worked together to build our very own scarecrow. 

As you can see from the photos we had great fun making and posing with the scarecrow.


SUNP0292SUNP0291SUNP0293SUNP0294SUNP0299 SUNP0301SUNP0300

Nature In Art Museum

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic day out on Tuesday visiting the Nature In Art museum in Gloucestershire. The weather was amazing too! The children enjoyed a variety of activities including pond dipping and making a dragonfly out of wire. We learned a lot of information about pondlife and it was extremely interesting to be able to see the living things we caught underneath the magnifying glasses. It was also a great opportunity to chat to the resident artist who specialised in textiles. She showed us how she used her sewing machine to create different sorts of lines and she also sewed some of our names onto fabric. Everybody enjoyed our day and learned something new! Well done Year 5!


IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0660