Month: November 2017

£800 Raised for Children in Need!

£800 Raised for Children in Need! We had a variety of different fundraising events including everyone coming in adorned with very colourful spotty clothes. We were lucky enough to have lots of delicious cakes to sell and we raised a lot of money through our bake sale. Our ‘Design a Pudsey’ competition was a great success with many unique and imaginative designs for a new costume for Pudsey, a huge well done to the winners from each class the designs have been sent to the BBC! The raffle for the giant Pudsey bear was a huge success with over 500 tickets sold! Due to this there were many envious faces when Lucas Powell of 2MG was drawn out as the lucky winner. Through all of these amazing efforts, we managed to raise just over £800. This is an astounding figure, and it is has been confirmed as our highest ever fundraising effort. Can I take this opportunity to thank all parents and guardians for your support of the fundraising and also the children for their immense generosity and impeccable behaviour on Friday, it really was a lovely day to be at Lickey Hills Primary School and Nursery.IMG_2442

Mysterious items from 1666 found in Year One

Today Year One have found some mysterious objects! We found a burnt loaf of bread and a letter from someone called Samuel Pepys. The letter was dated, 1666. We also found a map of London. I wonder what the story is behind these items…


Testing Paper Towel

In science we’ve been looking at materials and this week we’ve been testing the claims of a certain Juan Sheet – are some kitchen towels stronger and better at soaking up water than others?

Ice Cream

It’s not really ice cream weather but Year 4 didn’t let that fact stop them from exploring freezing and melting by making their own ice cream. We learned how salt is used to melt ice and why ice cream is fluffy and not a solid lump. We even looked at how water condenses on the outside of the ice cream tub. Three changes of state in one lesson and we got to eat it too!

Children in Need

What a fantastic day we have had in Reception to raise money for Children in Need! We all came dressed in our best spotty clothes, the Pudsey themed cakes were delicious and we enjoyed making paw print biscuits. In total the whole school raised over £700 for a fantastic cause and we had lots of fun!

2AP’s Class Assembly

Well done 2AP on a super performance this morning. Brilliant singing and dancing and lovely costumes! Thank you Parents/Carers for your hard work helping your child to learn their lines and providing such lovely costumes. Now for the Christmas performance…… !! 


IMG_1437[1] IMG_1438[1] IMG_1439[1] IMG_1440[1] IMG_1441[1] IMG_1442[1]

All About Autumn

Today we have been learning about Autumn. We thought about the life cycle of an oak tree. Then we planted our own seeds!


Lest we forget….

On Friday, 4AB looked at the importance of Remembrance. We learnt and discussed about why we celebrate the day, the traditions and also the symbolism of the poppy. We then looked at how artists have used sunsets and silhouettes as a fantastic way to celebrate Remembrance day. The children were that inspired that they produced their own pieces of silhouette remembrance art. I may be biased, but I think they are amazing!

Mr Brewer 

Bhangra Fun

Today 1RB were learning a Bhangra dance. We really enjoyed it!


IMG_1635 IMG_1642

Testing Materials

2MG have been testing materials as they start looking at the effect of forces on different materials. This week we tested lots of different types of paper to see which could hold the most weight before tearing. We were quite surprised by how strong paper can actually be!