Month: November 2019

Stretching Our Learning

2RF having been investigating how objects can change shape when they are pushed, pulled, bent or twisted. This week we’ve been testing elastic bands to see which stretch the most. To make it a fair test we always hung the same weight from the elastic band before carefully measuring how much longer the elastic band is. We also watched some videos showing how scientists do similar tests on fabrics and metal bars to make sure they can do the job they are going to be used for.

People That Help Us!

This week, the children have been learning about people who help us, playing ‘vets’ in the role play area and learning how to care for sick animals, building a house as a team, learning body parts and making their own X-Ray skeletons as doctors in the creative area, using toothbrushes to clean the giant teeth and putting out fires in the garden with their water hoses and firefighters hats! Well done to all our helpers this week!

Children in Need

Last Friday the children joined in lots of fun activities for children in need, including a colouring competition,  pudsey playdough and a ballet danceathon in the classroom! Their favourite activity though was our cake snack time! What a treat! Thank you for all the generous donations, they are very much appreciated!

Rhythm Sticks!

The children enjoyed exploring sound in the playground by tapping their rhythm sticks on different materials to see how sound changes. We found different ways of making sound by tapping, banging, scraping and hopping our sticks around the garden. The children discovered that the metal drainpipe made a loud echo sound, the floor sounded dull when they tapped it and the grass made a soft sound. They also decided that they liked the tingling sound that the railings made when they ran the sticks along them the best of all! 

Funky fingers!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the nursery children do “Funky Fingers”, a carousel of 4 fine and gross motor activities designed to develop strength in fingers for pen grip, increase dexterity and develop hand eye coordination. These are some pictures from recent funky fingers activities! Why not try some of these at home?

Fruit Kebabs!

We have been reading ‘Meg’s Veg’ and using this as our focus throughout the week. We learned how plants grow and how we look after them. We also learned that fruit grows in the same way as vegetables and so we made yummy fruit kebabs!

5SB Climate Change Assembly

Thank you to 5SB for your informative and creative assembly this morning about our beautiful planet Earth. I especially enjoyed the retelling of the inspiring true story of how one African woman began a movement to recycle the plastic bags that were polluting her community. One plastic bag became two. Then ten. Then a hundred. This story reminds us all that something has to change and we can make a difference like Isatou Ceesay.

Y6 Ambassadors 2019/20

In Year 6 our pupils are encouraged to apply for special roles in the school such as House and Sports Captains, ambassadors for subjects such as music and I.T. as well as offering their time as ‘helping hands’. The staff panel read the pupils’ written applications taking into account their efforts, attitudes and behaviours during their time at LHPSN and agreed which pupils were most suitable for the roles and responsibilities. Additionally, each member of staff also takes part in a secret ballot to vote for our Head Girl and Head Boy which every child in Year 6 is automatically nominated for. This year, I am delighted to announce that Sophie F (6CW) and James E (6AB) were elected as our Head Girl and Head Boy,two excellent role models in effort, behaviour and attitudes to learning.

The House Captains and Sports Captains were also selected for their skills and personal qualities, they are:
Ash (Blue): Toby H-S (House Captain) and Finlay W ((Sports Captain)
Beech (Red): Kiki W (House Captain) and Ewan B (Sports Captain)
Chestnut (Green): Olivia C (House Captain) Caitlin Brunn (Sports Captain)
Oak (Yellow): Jack S (House Captain) Eva H (Sports Captain)

More super home learning in Year 2!

As promised, here a few more photographs of some of the incredible projects our creative children have been bringing in to show us. Thank you so much to our families who provide such wonderful support to their children in producing rich learning experiences at home too.

Year 2 Stars of the Week

Year 2 children’s excellent choices in the classroom are rewarded with Dojo points and now there is extra, special recognition each week for the person achieving the most – super Star of the Week trophies for each class. The winner gets to keep the trophy on their desk for the following week for being such model pupils. Thank you children for your superb efforts!