Month: January 2019

Snack time

Today we had toast for snack,using a knife to spread the butter and jam helps develop our fine motor skills. 


Making potions in forest school

This week we read the Jolly Postman story and the wicked witch left us a message in nursery. She asked us to collect things from the garden to make a special potion. 

Fun in the snow

We’ve had a wonderful time in the snow, exploring and playing. 

Snow Fun!

A wonderful opportunity to explore, develop own ideas, question and answer. 

3HC’s Assembly

3HC had a wonderful time practising their assembly where they learnt lots about the Stone Age to the Iron Age in a kinesthetic ,fun approach.  Though they were nervous, they really enjoyed performing! Thank you for watching and supporting us throughout the experience.

A-ha O-oh Tracks in the snow!

Who lives in this cave?  The children have been describing characters from The Gruffalo’s Child and exploring her cave.  They followed different footprints to find out which animal left them and made their favourite animal character from this story.  Can you guess which character they created?

Who is heavier?

Is the big bad mouse heavier than the Gruffalo’s child?  The children used a bucket balance ‘seesaw’ to compare the weights of the different characters.  They were so good at this that they were challenged to predict the results by pretending to be the balance before checking. 

Where’s the penguin?

Wow!  We are fabulous at using positional language; on, in, beside, next to, in front of, behind, above, below, under and beneath.  Can you describe the position of the penguins?


Shape, Space and Measure!

In Maths this week we have been exploring shapes and measurements. We have been recognising the properties of shapes and exploring the new terms ‘height’ and ‘length’. We ordered cubes by height ‘tallest’ to ‘shortest’ and investigated the comparison words ‘longest, longer and shortest’, through cutting different lengths of string. 

Exploring the Torah

In RE today we really enjoyed exploring the Torah and learning how it is used and where it is kept. We noticed it was written in a different alphabet – Hebrew. We then really enjoyed doing some of our own Hebrew writing starting from the right hand side of the page and writing the opposite way to how our alphabet is written!