Month: January 2018

Rocking Year 3

We’ve beeen comparing different rocks and sorting them based on hardness. We rubbed them together to find out which was softest. We found that sedimentary rocks such as chalk and limestone tend to be softer, in fact that’s why chalk is so good for writing with.

South America Salt Dough

In year five we have been making south america out of salt dough. we loved it!!!!

Amazon animal posters

Year 5 have been making non-cronilogicle posters about the amazon rainforest.

South america salt dough

In year 5 we have been doing salt dough. We produced south america. it was really fun!!!!!

Amazing Assemblies

Thank you to 6MT and 4LH for getting everyone off to a super start this term with their class assemblies. 6MT shared their Macbeth mash up sharing their acting skills and 4LH took us back in time to the Roman invasion of Britannia. We look forward to 3LE and 5SR coming soon.

Light Fantastic

We’ve had fantastic fun creating circuits in Year 4. We’ve found that lights, motors and (our favourite) buzzers behave in different ways depending how we connect them up to the batteries, I mean cells. However, our favourite circuits were made using ourselves. We made a huge circuit using the whole class holding hands to make a buzzer sound and then we even lit up a whole strip light using our arms as wires. We think the new strips light must be really low energy!


Food Chains

This week Year 2 followed in Charles Darwin’s footsteps and visited the Galápagos Islands. There we looked at the different reptiles on the islands, including snakes and giant tortoises, before concentrating on marine iguanas. We learnt that these lizards swim in the sea in order to graze on sea weed and algae. However, they face danger from above in the form of the Galapagos Hawk. We had fun making volcanic rock coasts in which to display our food chains.

A Mystery Egg!

When the children arrived in class at the beginning of a January, they discovered a mysterious egg was in the classroom. 


The children discussed what might be inside the egg. They wrote about  how the egg looked and felt. Look at what Azaan wrote…

They then discussed what the mystery object might be inside…


A tiny hole appeared in the egg.  We all shook the egg, tried to look through the hole! What can it be?


At the beginning of this week the egg hatched!!!!



For the last few weeks , we have been investigating fractions.

We looked at a whole one and what it means by using a picture of a pizza.







We then discussed what is less than a whole one which we discovered is half.












Year 1 investigated what a half looked like as a number which is 1/2 .









They then investigated half of shapes and numbers.



















Year 2 investigated what a quarter looked like and a third.


What’s for tea mum?

Finding animals gathered around a watering hole, our hunter-gatherers searched for the smallest and weakest and moved in for the kill!DSCF3896