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Rock ‘n’ rollin’ with J S Bach

The interactive Google Doodle for today was just perfect for enabling us to find out about harmonies. It linked just nicely with our own musical compositions last week . We spent the first part of the lesson placing our own notes on the staves and then the program to put harmonies to our compositions.  They sounded great!

Year 3’s got talent!

This afternoon we have been practising our steady beat and rhythm. Here we are in full swing!IMG_1778

Singing Club

In assembly Key Stage 1 were treated to Singing Club performing a selection of songs. It was enjoyed by everyone.

FAME Concert

Year 4 did a brilliant ukulele and cornet concert. We’ve enjoyed learning to play these instruments although it is quite tricky and hard work. The cornets are very heavy too but it was all worth it.

Worcestershire FAME Festival

Year 4 had a fantastic musical experience with a trip to the Worcester Arena to play alongside schools from across the county at the Worcestershire Youth Music FAME Festival. In the morning, 4RF took their cornets along to perform with over 600 clarinet and brass instruments including a professional brass band. It was 4RJ’s turn in the afternoon with a string concert in which they played their ukuleles. Everyone enjoyed this amazing opportunity and it was a brilliant way to finish off our year of music lessons.

Sounds of the Aztec forest

Having listened to some example pieces of music, 4RF composed their own musical pieces to evoke the forests of central Mexico. We used instruments familiar to the Aztecs such as simple percussion, ocarinas and pan pipes and came up with some imaginative pieces incorporating rainfall and birdsong into our rhythms. 

The Ukulele Orchestra of Year 4

We’re all really excited to be learning to play the ukulele in 4RF – they’re all really awesome colours too. We’ve already learnt three songs and we sound great when we all play together – The Ukulele Orchestra of Year 4!

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