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2MG have been perfecting their forward rolls and, for those who can’t already, tackling cartwheels in PE. We have even put them together into routines. We’ve worked so hard that we decided to have a week of fun exploring the wall bars.

Sports Day

What a fantastic two afternoons our school had last Thursday and Friday on the field for our annual Sports Days. How lucky we were with the weather too, after a brief scare on Friday morning. The Key Stage 2 children were able to compete with great skill and determination in field events ranging from shotput to javelin and track events including the hurdles and 400m while the Key Stage 1 children did brilliantly in all three of their events, including a very challenging obstacle course. Our Early Years children
also had a brilliant Sports Day, showing off some seriously impressive ‘welly wanging’ skills. All the children, across the school, tried their hardest and there were some outstanding performances from all age groups. It was lovely to see the children being competitive and determined but also showing great encouragement and sportsmanship towards each other throughout the afternoons. Thank you so much to the PTA for
providing refreshments and for all the parents who came to support the children at theevent. It was fantastic to see so many parents supporting the children in all the different activities and we even had some very competitive parent races! Congratulations to Oak House on winning the Sports Day Cup but congratulations to allthe children in all Houses for participating in, what was I hope, a very enjoyable afternoon which showcased what fantastic staff, parents and most importantly
children we have here at Lickey Hills.

Sports Relief

What a busy day, walking to Moscow for the last day of the week, keeping active with our funky fingers session and enjoying some healthy beans on toast from the beans Jasper kindly left us. Best of all was dancing with Miss Troth in the hall. 


Sport Relief

Enjoying our dance class for Sport Relief.

Bhangra Fun

Today 1RB were learning a Bhangra dance. We really enjoyed it!


IMG_1635 IMG_1642

The Haka – 5CW

For our last unit in PE, 5CW have been learning about the haka – a traditional dance that is performed by the New Zealand Rugby Union team.

We learnt that the New Zealand team use the haka to intimidate their opponents just before the match kicks off. We even looked at some of the translations of the original Maori lyrics to help us create our very own haka!

Finally, we worked hard to perfect the Ka Mate haka and performed it as a class. Mrs Williams and Mrs Ray were both a bit scared as they walked through the hall!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all pupils in 5CW for their amazing work this year – I’ve been blown away by your fantastic effort and the many outstanding pieces of work you have produced. You have been a pleasure to teach and I am looking forward to teaching you again at some point in Year 6! 

Mr Witcomb

Get Set… Maths!

Today we got really active in our maths lesson as we competed in a Roman numerals relay. In teams we raced to collect our numerals before taking them back to put into numbered ordered. We all had a great lesson and discovered that Roman numerals are a lot easier to read than we first thought.

Budding Gymnasts !

I am so proud of the children in 1MH. We had a fabulous PE lesson today creating basic body shapes.




A perfect pike.


A dish.




Can you guess what shape Kitty is making.


Mr T and Mr T !



Happy Cats and angry cats.

IMG_1157[1] IMG_1158[1]

Tennis Skills

This term we’ve been battling the weather to learn tennis (sun, fog, rain and snow – we’ve been out in all of them at some point.) Here we are developing our forehand skills through our own games before combining our ideas to make a relay race.