Month: April 2017

Think Tank Science Roadshow

Yesterday the Think Tank Science Roadshow came to Lickey Hills! We had a really exciting morning spent with the children from Beaconside and Holywell Primary. We investigated different sources of light and where they come from, what we need to survive and explored the different parts of the human body.


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Last week of the Spring term!

We have had an exciting  last week of term .

On Thursday 6th April a teacher from Google came in to show the children an amazing app called expeditions . We have taken pictures of the children on the I pads. Oscar and Mally, who are  both 7 years old, were able to look through a  Visual play set. Have a look at the photos. 

SUNP0151 SUNP0150 SUNP0149 SUNP0148 SUNP0147
On Friday 7th April we took part in an Easter parade. Jacob very kindly wore Rowans’ hat to show off Rowan’s amazing making skills.

Don’t they all look fabulous

SUNP0162 SUNP0161 SUNP0160 SUNP0158 SUNP0157 SUNP0156

we had a surprise delivered  into school today from Erin’s Nanny!SUNP0166

When we opened the lid – inside were lots of lovely Easter egg cakes.

Thank you Erin and your nanny.


SUNP0170 SUNP0169

Virtual reality cardboard goggles…

In the Google expedition we did virtual reality.  This morning we went to Dr.Fishwick’s classroom and we picked up the cardboard goggles.  We looked at different places on the virtual reality goggles.  One of the maps had a temple and it was in Mexico.  We looked around and went to different places like Aztec temples and the statue of Christ the Redeemer.  We saw lots of famous places like the statue of Jesus in Rio.  One of the maps was the Great Wall of China and it took 2000 years to build it.  If I climbed the temple my legs would be tired!  We thought it was amazing because it felt real! IMG_0855

The day a monster came to school!!

After playtime today we walked into the classroom to find it had been destroyed!! There were tables turned over, scribbled paper all over the floor, feathers and wool!! We spotted feathers in the door so followed the trail and ended up on the adventure playground. We found track marks where we think a monster may have taken off! In Literacy we are writing a report about the mystery animal that visited school and destroyed our classroom!

IMG_0777[1] IMG_0778[1]

Teamwork in PE

We loved working together using the equipment today in PE. In teams we worked together to move the skis around the playground. It was tricky but with stickabilty we were able to do it! IMG_0908[1] IMG_0909[1] IMG_0910[1] IMG_0912[1] IMG_0913[1]

Easter egg hunt!

We had a lovely afternoon outside today! Yesterday we made our own Easter eggs and today the teachers hid them on the playground for us to find. We worked together to find our own Easter egg again. Some were on the adventure playground, others were hidden in bushes and some were under benches!

IMG_0767[1] IMG_0768[1] IMG_0770[1] IMG_0771[1] IMG_0772[1] IMG_0773[1] IMG_0774[1] IMG_0775[1] IMG_0776[1]