Month: March 2017

1AP are amazing!!

1AP did so well this morning during their class assembly and made the Year 1 teachers very proud!! We shared all of our learning about our amazing bodies and sang and danced beautifully. Well done 1AP for remembering all of your words and saying them so loud and clear! Excellent job. 


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A Tragic Ending – 1st person narratives


What a busy week in LBSY : w/b 20th march

Red Nose Day – Friday 24th March.  We had great fun dressing up in red today.  We bought cakes at playtime.  We finished our day with a whole school assembly where we sung the red nose day song and talked about what the all the children in school had done today. The school  collected over £700 for Comic Relief!!  Well done everyone!


Craft Afternoon – Wednesday 23rd March. We had great fun painting with our  mums and dads:  the seasons of the year.  We also met our new teacher Mrs Hollier and said farewell to Miss Yates. We look forward to hearing some exciting news from her very soon!

SUNP0101 SUNP0102 SUNP0100 SUNP0099 SUNP0098 SUNP0096 SUNP0095

This is our fabulous work we have worked on for our home learning.  


Triple Experiment

Not one experiment. Not two experiments. But three experiments this afternoon as we explored electricity. We investigated different light bulbs, the effect of changing the voltage and whether some metals were better conductors than other metals. I meant a busy afternoon of testing and learning.


Fantastic Fundraisers at LHPSN

Well done everyone for raising an amazing £705.10 for Red Nose Day Comic Relief event on Friday . School was awash with ‘red clothing’ and tasty buns! 

Comic relief 2017

Another successful year raising money to help others. Nursery enjoyed wearing red and making, buying and selling cakes in our fund raising sale. Not surprisingly  our favourite part was eating them!

Well done Nursery! Well done everyone!








Mother’s day

Nursery really enjoyed our Mum’s coming into nursery this week for a cream tea treat. It was lovely to spend time  sharing some of our favourite things in Nursery. Some mum’s were even treated to a special hairdo in our salon too.


















Red Nose Day 2017

What a fun day! We have raised lots of money in the cake sale and the cakes tasted delicious.  We designed our own red noses and learnt the 2017 red nose day song ‘put a nose on it’. 

Signs of Spring!

We went on a walk around school to look for signs of spring. We found lots of signs which we have taken photos of.














SUNP0090 SUNP0091 SUNP0094 SUNP0093 SUNP0092


Show and Tell.

This week the children brought in maths games that they enjoy playing at home. Each child showed their game and how to play it and then we had a great time playing with the games.

Thank you for sharing your maths games with us!

IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0646 IMG_0645 IMG_0644