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The Great Easter Bake Off

If you’re looking for an Easter cooking activity why don’t you try this? All you need is some chocolate, any type of crumbly cereal, cake cases and then anything you like to decorate like chocolate eggs, mini chicks etc. They are very quick and easy to make as well as delicious as a treat to eat! 
Here is Mrs Williams and two of her baking assistants to show you how to make them. Enjoy! 

It’s Minpin week on the Great British Sewing Bee!

We are in the midst of designing and making tiny outfits for our Minpin people – we are using lots of fine motor DT skills such as sewing, cutting & pinning.  We are using  wooden dolly pegs as our models. Hopefully, next week we will use our Minpins to act out scenes from the story.

Space Egg-speriments

Bringing their space topic to a close and kicking off next term’s forces topic, 5AB designed, built and tested interplanetary landers. Our mission… to boldly design a system that would safely protect an egg dropped from near the ceiling! Starting with exactly the same set of materials in each group, we created parachutes, crumple zones and shock absorbing designs. In the end, all the different engineering designs were successful (although we sadly lost one egg on the launch pad.)

Fan Boats

We’ve been designing, building and testing fan boats this week. We had to think about making them float, the weight distribution so that they didn’t tip over, the electrical circuit to connect the motor and waterproofing the wiring. We had a lot of fun putting our scientific knowledge to practical use.

Brilliant Bakers

Year One have been making bread. This was part of our Literacy topic on instructions. We had great fun!
IMG_1761 IMG_1765 IMG_1768 IMG_1773 IMG_1774IMG_1780IMG_1859IMG_1870

Aztec Weavers

We’ve had a fun afternoon having a go at weaving like the Aztecs. Remembering to go over-under-over-under (or was it under-over-under-over?) we’ve started making colourful pieces of fabric while getting a feel for everyday Aztec life. We’ve also talked about how modern fabrics are made in a similar way.

Ground Force

Year 4’s landscape designers have been hard at work researching, designing and presenting their ideas for a KS2 garden. They have produced designs that are both imaginative and take into account the needs of the garden area and they look very professional. Well done everyone in Year 4!

…I conquered!

Our Design Technology project is complete – unleash the catapults! We completed the final assembly of our Roman military engineering, getting to use the glue guns in the process.

Then battle lines were drawn. The mighty armies of Oak and Beech versus the ferocious hoard of Ash and Chestnut.

We called it a draw.

I came, I sawed…

4RF have been very busy, carefully measuring and sawing up wood. They’re clearly building something but what? Watch this space to find out.

Lickey Hills Grand Prix

As part of our electricity topic, we’ve been designing, building and racing our own electric cars. Watch the trailer for our Grand Prix race below.

Grand Prix