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A Maths Challenge to Try

Why not give Mrs Bowen’s Maths challenge a go and see if you can make all the numbers up to 25… or maybe even higher. Download the video here if you can’t see the picture in your browser.

Making numbers

In Maths we have used what we have  learnt this term to make numbers in different ways. We used whole/part models, ten frames and wrote numbers in words. Some of us used pictures to make subtraction stories and we wrote addition and subtraction sentences. 

A Sound Judgement

Last week, LB2 conducted a sound survey of the whole school. We measured noise levels across the school, in classrooms, the playground and in offices. Afterwards, we discussed whether this was actually a fair test and realised that it depended on what activity was taking place – Reception’s fun phonics lesson was definitely louder than Year 3’s writing assessment! This week we turned our data  into bar charts.

Bouncing Boffins

Year 2’s material scientists are testing lots of different materials this half term. This week we investigated how bouncy all the balls in school are (Did you know: golf ball manufacturers do exactly this kind of test!) We tested basketballs, tennis balls, cricket balls, volleyballs… (we basically emptied the PE shed) and measured how high they would bounce. We then made bar charts to show our results.


Reception have used different shapes to build houses for the Three Little Pigs and the big, bad, wolf!  There were lots of extensions added to their designs so that the wolf could fit in too!

The children practiced their building skills, using hammers and nails, to create shape pictures  and their fine motor skills using bands and geoboards.

Using our Ten Frames

This week we are learning about comparing numbers.

Today we used our ten frames to compare objects and say which has more and which has less. 

Measuring Mass

This week in Maths we have learnt about mass.

We found things which were heavy, light and as heavy as each other. We used cubes to estimate and measure the mass of objects. 

Summer Fayre Enterprise and Fundraising Fun…

Thank you SO much to everyone who supported the school’s fundraising on Saturday. It was a pleasure to welcome so many families and friends to Lickey Hills for the day. Many thanks to the children, parents and staff who planned, organised and contributed to their enterprising competitions and stalls . Huge thanks to the PTA for organising the event on school’s behalf and for all the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes on throughout the year . We were joined this time by Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council who funded the advertising and the Animal Man and also the Women’s Institute who provided delicious cakes and preserves. The weather was kind and we had a record number of visitors through the doors. What a fantastic community spirit showing our values of cooperation, friendship and determination. As soon as we have a final figure of funds raised we will let you know. Well done again Team Lickey Hills! 

How Big is a Blue Whale?

2MG have been researching Blue Whales so we decided to go out and measure one out. The whale was so big that we had to go on the KS2 playground and it only just fit! It was even bigger than the HMS Beagle that we measured out earlier in the year. We stretched out our arms to make a line and the whole class comfortably fit inside this enormous animal.

Maths Week

3HC and 3LE have had an enjoyable mathematical week!

Year 3 produced Fibonacci Art. We discussed the mathematics of the pattern and the children made predictions. Next, we used compasses and measures (centimetres) to produce circles of different sizes. 

3HC  created a price list for the Summer Festival stall  and solved challenging mathematical problems related to predicted profits potentially made on Saturday. 3LE created a Fibonacci Poem as a class.