Month: September 2016


2FT had a wonderful time sharing books with parents this afternoon. Thank you to everyone who was able to come.

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Week Ending 30th September

A lovely sunny end to a lovely week.  Thank you to the parents who joined LBSY to share books with their children on Wednesday.

 Don’t forget can we have all home learning journals back by Wednesday 5th October.

We have been investigating 3D shapes and their properties in maths: – sphere, cylinder, pyramid, prism, cone, cube and cuboid.

In writing we have been investigating the use of full stops as well as continuing to use conjunctions (but, and, because, so) when writing sentences.

Well done to Taylor who won the reading bear and Oscar who won the listening Eeyore. 😀 







As a result of all the great work the children are producing in lessons we have decided to have a star of the week for writing and maths.  We will pick 2 children each week and exhibit the child’s work and their photo in the classroom as well as placing it on the website on the KS1 Language Base blog.

We started today and the writing star of the week is Bobby and the Maths star of the week is Mally . Well done. 😀 

Have a lovely weekend and a great start to October.


Building… suspense!

In literacy we did ACTION sentences!This is an example: Suddenly, a mummy scared me from the darkness! We also did suspense. Suspense is when you build excitement.

James and Archie


Freshly Baked…

Today we made cartouches out of salt dough! We are going to decorate these with our name in hieroglyphs!

Week ending 23rd September

Well done to Erin who won the reading bear this week and Taylor who won the listening Eeyore for showing great listening  skills .   😀 235





A well done to Cameron who achieved the Head teacher’s award for all the work he has been doing at home and  with great enthusiasm.

Keep it up Cameron . We are all very proud of you.  😀 226




We have been reinforcing our knowledge of 2D shapes and well done to Erin who knew what a line of symmetry is and was able to find not one but two lines of symmetry on her shapes.   😀 

We have been discussing space.  We read and  sorted  descriptions  under different headings for space, stars and rockets.

We have also been working on what a pronoun is as well as extending our sentences using the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘but’. 

Keep up the good work LBSY!


Lickey Hills Represented in Parliamentary Review

Last year I was contacted by the team at ‘The Parliamentary Review’ and asked to write an article celebrating best practice at Lickey Hills Primary School. LHPSN had come to their attention because of our consistently strong results and the super Ofsted report which highlighted our creative curriculum and increasingly innovative approach. 

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the article – what a great opportunity to tell everyone about our fantastic school and the families we serve! The hardest part was undoubtedly trying to keep to 1,000 words, I’m sure I could have written a whole book about our teaching and learning at Lickey. After several drafts and some difficult decisions about what not to include, I finally submitted the finished article in August. 

Towards the end of August I received an invitation for myself and our Chair of Governors, Mario Claydon, to attend an evening at the Houses of Parliament representing Lickey Hills Primary school. On Friday 23rd September we attended the Parliamentary Review Gala evening along with a small number of other schools from the Midlands area and received the final published document. We will shortly receive copies in school to share with you. It was a pleasure to represent Lickey Hills Primary School, I am so proud of our achievements here.

I very much look forward to another year working in partnership with governors, our dedicated staff and wonderful children to ensure education at LHPSN is memorable and accessible for all. Thank you everyone for your input into our super school we are definitely dreaming, believing and achieving our goals together. 

Settling in and making friends

We have done really well saying goodbye to our special grown ups each day and are doing really well at learning the nursery routines. We are having lots of fun exploring all the things there are to do and making friends. 





So far in Year Three…

So far in Year Three we have:

  • Learnt to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Spanish.
  • Investigated how a toy car travels on different surfaces.
  • Read all about Flat Stanley’s adventures in Ancient Egypt.
  • Written our own setting descriptions.
  • Designed Egyptian necklaces.

So much fun!

By 3RB


3D shapes

Today we have been drawing 3D shapes likes cubes. The vertices is 8 the face is 4 and the edges is 12.  We did different shapes like a cone and sphere, cylinder and a cube. The cube has 8 vertices and it has 6 faces and 12 edges. By LW

IMG_0530[1] IMG_0528[1]

Celtic Villagers

In our Theme lesson, Year 4 turned into Celtic villagers. We researched the different jobs there were and worked in groups to make a poster for each one. There were fantastic weavers, basket makers, blacksmiths, hunters, farmers and children!