Month: December 2015

Christmas Maths

The children in 2FT have been very busy this week creating their own maths games. All of the games have been thought of and created by the children. As the games were so wonderful we thought it would be nice to share them, so we invited some of the other children in KS1 to play our games.


We have been very busy this week. We have been making cards, calendars, decorations and we had a very special visitor.

Christmas Celebrations

We have had so much fun today at our party. We have danced away at the disco, giggled at Professor Pepperpot and enjoyed a dvd and party food. We were even lucky enough to have a very special visitor.

We promised to go to sleep on Christmas Eve so the magic can work.


Christmas tidings

Nursery had a fabulous time at the farm today. We saw lots of animals, dressed up and re-enacted the Christmas story and even met Santa! It was such a special trip and the children were so well behaved and sensible. A big thank you to them and to all the parents who helped.


Roman Town Starts to Come to Life

Year 4’s Roman town is coming together with just the final touches needed before we can take a tour of our creation…


Roman Engineering

We set out to investigate Roman columns. Lots of different shaped columns are possible, from circular to square, triangular to octagonal, but which is the strongest? We all worked together to measure, fold and glue five different column shapes. We then took pairs of columns, placed a pediment across the top and started adding weights until our structure collapsed…

We discovered that the strongest shape was the cylinder (the Romans knew what they were doing!) while the weakest was the triangular prism. Just two sheets of paper rolled into a cylinder with a small overlap for glueing held over two and half kilograms!




Column Testing


Feliz Navidad

The children have been very busy with Spanish Christmas activities this week. They have made cards, completed Christmas word searches and have created a vocabulary book.


What is a cinquain? A cinquain is a five-line poem of 2-4-6-8-2 syllables per line. Year 4 have been writing cinquain poems to describe winter weather and we’ve also looked at how we can present them in imaginative ways:




Finding Angles…

In maths today, 4RJ were exploring the classroom to find different angles (and not angels!).  We learned the different names and the measurement in degrees for acute, obtuse and reflex. Here are our photos.  Ask your child to find different angles around the home.

Roman Towns in Action

The past few weeks we have been looking at Roman villa.

We are making our own Roman villas and we are doing it in pairs.

At the end we are going to put them to together so it can be a Roman town.

We have been taking some pictures of our Roman villas.

These are just some of thirty different amazing  models of Roman villas.