Month: November 2015

Havest Festival

We have been learning about Harvest and thanksgiving and enjoyed exploring different grains and solving how to separate them. We then used grains to collage our initials in our name. We thought about being kind and sharing in our family groups and we all worked together to make a delicious vegetable soup. What a lovely way to keep warm as the days get colder.


We’ve been exploring spirolaterals – patterns formed by repeating simple mathematical rules. We explored different numbers of steps while turning through right-angles. A spirolateral of order 5, for example, follows these rules:

  • Forward 1cm then turn
  • Forward 2cm then turn
  • Forward 3cm then turn
  • Forward 4cm then turn
  • Forward 5cm then turn
  • Repeat

Each turn was 90° clockwise. We then used triangular paper to look at turns of 60°!



Sixty degrees

Order 5



Non-Chronological reports


Anti-Bullying Drama

We’ve been reading The Angel of Nitshill Road, a book about bullying. We did some drama about Nitshill Road School and we got some advice from all the other groups in order to improve our own performance. Some of  us were bullies and some of us were victims and we had to imagine what different people felt like.

We really enjoyed doing this and we would like to do it again. Next time, I would like to do drama based on the book called Fantastic Mr Fox.

By Miller and Jessica

Name Calling

Playground Tussle


Anti bulling week

we have been making posters for anti bullying week! 


Non chronoligical reports ???????????????????????????????

First fleet and gold rush ⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️?????????


Anti-bullying posters????


Professor McGinty’s “Stuff”

Professor McGinty is a very silly man who says “I was 8 when I was your age”, and he  hands round “stuff”. And when we get in the habit of saying “stuff” he will say “things”. When he was about to press the button on the  time machine he would press  his knee and scream ouch and rub his knee frantically.

He showed us lots of Roman “stuff” such as Roman pots, pennies, and even Roman clothes. We love Professor McGinty and we learned lots of “stuff”.

by Grace and Barney (4RF)

Edible Dormouse

Roman Soldier

Noble Romans