Month: May 2016

Exploring the habitats of mini-beasts 26.5.16


We were so excited to learn about how a mini-beast does not have a backbone or skeleton! Then we explored the eco garden and identified the insects and where they were found. We found a worm, slug, millipede and beetle under this bench!

Junk Modelling!

We loved our junk modelling lesson today! We made top secret superhero gadgets with boxes, tubes, string and tape! We made cameras to keep watch on villians, jet packs and lots more!!

IMG_1107[1] IMG_1108[1] IMG_1109[1] IMG_1110[1] IMG_1111[1]


For science day we investigated soap and bubbles as we became bubbleologists for the day (or surface scientists to give it its proper name.)

We began the day by asking whether we need to use soap when we wash our hands. After preparing our volunteers with a messy mix of Vaseline and sprinkles, we investigated whether using soap and water, just water, or simply wiping with a towel would result in the cleanest hands. Soap helped and so we then learnt about how soap works.

Later, we learnt about Agnes Pockels, a German chemist who helped establish the study of liquid surfaces despite not being allowed to study science as it was considered unsuitable for women!

After that we investigated different bubble mixtures in order to discover which would produce the longest lasting bubbles. We devised our experiment and then tested whether adding sugar, salt, honey, lime juice or glycerine would produce the best bubbles.

Finally, we explored making bubbles including blowing the largest bubble, creating bubble “cities”, making different shaped bubbles and making bubbles we could actually stand inside!

Inside a bubble

Science Day!

What a fantastic Science day we have had in Year 2! We have explored density, written secret messages using lemon juice, cleaned coins using lemon juice and had lots of fun mixing cornflour and water!

IMG_1139IMG_1138 IMG_1135IMG_1144IMG_1151IMG_1161IMG_1173

Science Investigation Day

What an action packed day we have had! We have had a go at walking on eggs without cracking them!! We held bags of water over each other and when we put pencils through the bag it didn’t leak!! We made string telephones, lava lamps and our own butter!

IMG_0901[1] IMG_0905[1] IMG_0906[1] IMG_0907[1] IMG_0908[1] IMG_0915[1] IMG_0919[1]
IMG_1101[1] IMG_1103[1] IMG_1104[1] IMG_1105[1] IMG_1106[1]


The children had a wonderful time using different types of measures to create different potions!IMG_1131 IMG_1127

IMG_1121 IMG_1119 IMG_1117 IMG_1114 IMG_1110 IMG_1109 IMG_1106

Science Investigations

A super start to the day from Dr. Watson helping us all to get into an inquisitive and investigative mood with her ideas on friction and movement. We look forward to welcoming parents in later today to see our learning in action. 

Sounds of the Aztec forest

Having listened to some example pieces of music, 4RF composed their own musical pieces to evoke the forests of central Mexico. We used instruments familiar to the Aztecs such as simple percussion, ocarinas and pan pipes and came up with some imaginative pieces incorporating rainfall and birdsong into our rhythms. 

Handwriting with a difference! 20.5.16


We used the grooved letters today by rolling the marble around the shape of each letter. We carefully copied the motion with our finger.

Summer t-shirts

We had an artistic afternoon creating summer t-shirts with special fabric pens. We were super sensible with them and made some lovely designs- we can’t wait to wear them and protect ourselves in the sun! 

IMG_0781[1] IMG_0782[1] IMG_0783[1] IMG_0784[1] IMG_0785[1] IMG_0786[1] IMG_0787[1] IMG_0788[1] IMG_0789[1]