Month: May 2016

Super assembly

A super assembly this morning 1AP with a great message – we all need to find the hero in ourselves to achieve our best. Thank you 1AP for sharing your learning with great enthusiasm and such super ideas. 

Lickey Hills Grand Prix

As part of our electricity topic, we’ve been designing, building and racing our own electric cars. Watch the trailer for our Grand Prix race below.

Grand Prix


Our super class assembly!

Well done 1AP for your super class assembly this morning all about superheroes! We spread the message that we can all be heroes and we don’t need superpowers like Superman or Wonder Woman!

Well done 1AP, I am very proud of you all! 

Woods Expedition

This week we finished off our explorers theme with a mini expedition to the woods. We thought about being explorers and what we would need to take with us. In the woods we looked around for suitable places that would make a good place to camp, and then built shelters that would keep our teddies safe and dry. We had a great time.P5031157 P5031149 P5031148 P5031145 P5031144 P5031142 P5031141 P5031140 P5031139 P5031137 P5031133 P5031156

Amazing assembly!



What a wonderful performance! Well done everyone for learning your lines and all those song words! ??

3RB Sketch Plants

Today  we sketched some plants, it was really fun. We sketched them really carefully. Then we went  back to the classroom  and Miss Boyer showed  some to us. 

By Autumn and Evie

IMG_1022 IMG_1021 IMG_1016 IMG_1018

Carnival Hats Y5

Great to see the carnival hats designed and made by Year 5 today! 

Marvellous Myths and Lovely Legends

Today we started to learn about Myths and Legends! We thought about where different stories come from… and located them on a map and on this globe.