Month: December 2018

Santa’s visit

We all enjoyed Santa visiting Early years today, even the grown ups! We asked him lots of questions and sang him some songs. Hopefully we will see him again soon.

Special visitor

Today we had a surprise visitor! He told us that we are all on the good list and gave us a special chocolate treat.

A very special visitor

Today we had a visit from a very special visitor! He told us we were all on the good list and he even gave us an early Christmas present!


Christmas message

On behalf of the staff and governors at Lickey Hills Primary School and Nursery, I wish you all a very merry Christmas break and look forward to welcoming you back to LHPSN on Tuesday 8th January 2019. Very best seasonal wishes, Miss Salisbury

Christmas Surprises!

What a super day it’s been! We have had lots of lovely surprises in our classroom today. Two children achieved their penmanship and were rewarded with their very own handwriting pen to use at the start of  next term. 

We had a visit from a person in a red coat, white beard and sack of things. Everyone was very excited to welcome him into our classroom and have their photograph taken next to him.  He also gave out prizes to our 3 winners from the recent parish council competition (Lighting up our Village & Paint a Tree).  

We also had a ‘get together’ with LB1 to play a few party games, have a few snacks and share a delicious chocolate cake brought in by one of our Year 3 boys. Scrummy!

Finally, we said thank you and goodbye to Miss Morris, our SaLT. We surprised her with our own rendition of ‘The 12 Days of LB’.

We would all like to thank our families and children for all their kind wishes and gifts and in return wish you all a very Happy Christmas

School re-opens Tuesday 8th January.


Christmas Week in LB1

We have had a super few weeks with productions, cooking, making  and parties.

Have a look at our  highlights!





Christmas Jumper and Party Day

The children arrived at nursery very excited to show off their Christmas jumpers and for the Christmas party. They were amazed by magic bob and loved dancing to baby shark in the disco.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all in Nursery!

Science with a Bang!

Do all party poppers require the same amount of pulling force to make them pop? That’s the question nobody has ever asked before but which Year 3 set out to answer anyway. Hanging increasing amounts of weights from the pull string we found that some poppers needed twice as much force as others. Some even needed more than 2kg or a 20 newton force before they finally went BANG! Bring on New Year’s Eve!

Space Egg-speriments

Bringing their space topic to a close and kicking off next term’s forces topic, 5AB designed, built and tested interplanetary landers. Our mission… to boldly design a system that would safely protect an egg dropped from near the ceiling! Starting with exactly the same set of materials in each group, we created parachutes, crumple zones and shock absorbing designs. In the end, all the different engineering designs were successful (although we sadly lost one egg on the launch pad.)

Formula E

To wrap up their electricity topic, Year 6 have been designing and building electric powered race cars. They had to build the chassis for their car but also think about the gearing, trading off top speed for acceleration. We then raced them across the playground with sprint, long distance and hill climb categories.