Month: October 2015

Year 4’s Massive Mosaic

Year 4 have had lots of fun making mosaics and now we’ve put them altogether to make one great big wall. We think it looks amazing!


Light and Darkness

4RF have been drawing with chalk, white pencil and charcoal on black paper to explore light and darkness. It was really fun to draw with something different from pencil.




Water Cycling

We’ve been learning about evaporation and condensation and how they work in the water cycle. Dr Fishwick showed us a model using hot water and ice – the hot water evaporated and then the ice at the top made it condense again and fall as rain on the land. We then made our own pictures of the water cycle.

Water Cycle





Who’s Marching Into Britain?

We have been making life-sized pictures of Celts and Romans. We had to research what they looked like and then had great fun painting the different people.

Roman Legionary

Celtic Warrior

Roman General

4RF Evaporate!

We’ve been learning about solids, liquids and gases and how things change between each state. Over the past week we investigated evaporation – when a liquid changes into a gas. We were set one of two questions: how does temperature effect evaporation and how does the area of the liquid change how fast a liquid evaporates. We then designed our own experiments. We found that more water evaporated when the container was left in a warm place rather than a cool place, just like a tumble drier! We also found that the water evaporated quicker if there was a larger area, just like using a washing line.

Surface Area


Window Sill

Waterproof Experiment

Today  we found out what is waterproof. We did an experiment to find out. We poured water on to different materials. We found  out that plastic and foil are waterproof. Tissue paper and felt were not waterproof.

By Sam and Sophie 

Home Learning Journals

We have completed our first tasks in our Home Learning Journals.

We could choose to make a model or draw a design for transport in the future.

Or we could draw a story map of a special journey.

We are proud of our work and all of us tried very hard.


Welcome to 2LW

We have a busy time in our new class.

We like year 2 but we have to work really hard.

We have been decorating our new Home Learning Journals and had our first sharing Assembly today.

Oliver and Ewan took part in our Whole School Assembly and showed their good home learning tasks.


Amazing Mosaics

4RF had fantastic fun making mosaics today. We created some great designs and then put them together to make one big “floor”. Now, how do we install authentic underfloor heating?  4RJ will be making their mosaics soon, so watch this space…

Glueing Mosaic  Almost There

4RFs Mosaics

Up The Villa

This week, Year 4 have been using estate agent speak to sell a property. However, this was a Roman villa and before we could write our sales brochures we had to investigate what a villa was like and how the Romans used to live.

Villa Brochures

Ashleigh's Brochure