Month: April 2018

What type of activities do you do out of school?

In Friday’s show and tell,the children discussed with the class the type of activities that they do out of school.

Harrison brought in his swimming float.  He swims without arm bands and demonstrated the strokes that he is learning.  He is able to go into the deep end of the pool! He said that he can swim under water!  He also discussed the sea horse he uses in the pool. 







We asked Harrison questions about his swimming lessons.



















Freddie swims out of school with his cousin and brother.  He demonstrated the strokes that he did in the pool too. 

















Rowan enjoys to swim out of school too.  He discussed the different activities he does in the pool. 












Jaiden and Taylor brought in Lego models and pictures.  They said they exercise their brain out of school by imagining lots of exciting machines to make using Lego.  Jaiden also showed the class a design of his. 
















Marcus discussed all the fun activities he did at his barbecue and we looked at his picture of him camping in the garden. 









Liam discussed his day trip with Reading Bear where him and his family walked around London. 

Exploring Microscopes

Year 2 having been exploring how to use a microscope today. We looked at some everyday items such as coins and newspaper while we got used to positioning and focussing on our Petri dishes before getting to look at some more exciting things such as dead insects, sand grains and Dr Fishwick’s tie. We found the beautiful grains of sugar particularly fascinating as they looked like “huge blocks of sparkling ice”. 

We will be using the microscopes again, as part of our plants topic, in order at look closely at seeds, leaves, flowers and stems.

water water everywhere!

This week we have been having such a lot of fun in the castle comparing Jack’s water bottle and breakfast bowl with the giant’s one.  Yes, we have been learning about capacity, how much a container holds.

Hunting for caterpillar’s!

We enjoyed singing rainy day songs under the canopy today; we must have magical voices because the rain eased off and we were then able to enjoy ourselves in our garden looking for caterpillar’s and other mini-beasts. We discovered that they especially like to live under our benches and we spotted centipedes, woodlice and worms. There were no  caterpillars to be seen though although we did find a few nibbled leaves so  hopefully if we keep looking we’ll find one soon!

Visit From Oli!

Last Friday our friend Oli visited us! it was so fun, he even bought us ice lollies!!!!!

4AB’s Odyssey….

Throughout our writing work recently we have focused on Homer’s epic Legend; The Odyssey. Everyone has worked extremely hard to produce their own individual books inspired by the story. After finishing our own stories we got into groups of 7, with everyone writing one of their chapters. With us all showing amazing collaborative skills and teamwork we have now completed our group story posters. These pieces really showcase how everyone has really improved their writing from the start of the year. The standard of writing and presentation is way above the children’s years, so much so that when Mrs Ray came to look at our work she thought the work was done by Year 6! We hope you enjoy seeing our work! 

Visit by Doctor Boeckx

Dr Boeckx came to talk to us today about what a doctor does. She brought in lots of things that doctors use. 

Colourful Butterflies

We made chromatography butterflies today. We started by marking coloured dots with felt tip pens. Then we put the bottom of the paper in a shallow tray of water and watched the water soak up the paper. We were amazed as the colours seemed to “melt” and spread upwards. Some of the colours even changed – the brown spread out in to blue and orange for example. We noticed that our patterns were the same on both wings.

Who’s Come To Stay?

We’ve got some visitors down in Early Years as some tadpoles have come to stay. We’re going to watch them carefully over the next few weeks to see what happens to them…

Plant Invasion!

Strange yellow containers of a brown, powdery material have been appearing on window sills throughout the school. It can only mean one thing… summer is finally here and everyone has started growing seeds! In Years 1 and 2, along with Language Base 1, the children have planted marigolds while LB1 have also planted sunflowers along with Language Base 2 and Year 3. We hope to plant these outside later in the year and we chose both flowers as they are beneficial to wildlife, providing nectar for butterflies and bees and a source of seeds for birds in the autumn.