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The Haka – 5CW

For our last unit in PE, 5CW have been learning about the haka – a traditional dance that is performed by the New Zealand Rugby Union team.

We learnt that the New Zealand team use the haka to intimidate their opponents just before the match kicks off. We even looked at some of the translations of the original Maori lyrics to help us create our very own haka!

Finally, we worked hard to perfect the Ka Mate haka and performed it as a class. Mrs Williams and Mrs Ray were both a bit scared as they walked through the hall!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all pupils in 5CW for their amazing work this year – I’ve been blown away by your fantastic effort and the many outstanding pieces of work you have produced. You have been a pleasure to teach and I am looking forward to teaching you again at some point in Year 6! 

Mr Witcomb

Attendance and House Point Awards

Whole school attendance 

w/c 12/9/16 – 98.2% 

House Point Winners

w/c 5/12/16 Ash 

w/c 12/9/16 Chestnut