Month: December 2017

We ho-ho-hope you have a very Happy Christmas holiday

We ho-ho-hope you all have a very Happy Christmas holiday.
With best wishes for the festive season,
Miss Salisbury, Staff and Governors at LHPSN

Our surprise visitor…

We had a surprise visit from Father Christmas today. He was very happy to hear all of the children were on the good list. The children enjoyed their special gift.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year. From all of the EYFS team! 

A very special visitor

Year 2 had a visit from a very special visitor today, Father Christmas!! We really enjoyed seeing him and he told us we were all on the good list! We even had an early Christmas chocolate treat!













Christmas activity session

What a lovely way to end our term by making lots of lovely Christmas things with our  family members during a festive activity session. Thank you to everyone who came and joined in the festive spirit.

Songs around the Christmas Tree

After much anticipation the children finally became superstars on stage.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Reindeer food

What a magical afternoon we have had! We took it in turns to add some glitter into some oats that Santa’s reindeer will able to eat and stir it in whilst making a Christmas wish. On Christmas Eve night the moon will make it sparkle bright and as Santa’s reindeer fly and roam the oats will bring them to our home!IMG_1451[1]







Christmas Dinner

We really enjoyed our Christmas dinner today! We made party hats and placemats and had lots of fun pulling crackers with our friends! IMG_1449[1]


Here are a few pictures of our learning from this week (including a sneak peek of our Christmas cards). We had some visitors from Year Four who have been helping us with our learning.

IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1692

Saving Frosty

We were set a challenge in science today – stop Frosty from melting! We found that packing ice around the snow to keep it cold and wrapping blankets around the snow to keep the heat out made it last longer. 

We also looked at candy canes in beakers of water. They slowly disappeared turning the water pink. The cane in the warm water disappeared the quickest.

Water Cycling

After the extended weekend of snow, 4LH came back to learn about the water cycle – or Where Those Pesky Snowflakes Come From as it’s also known. We set up simple models of the water cycle demonstrating the stages of evaporation, condensation, precipition and run off back to the sea. Then we made collage posters to show the cycle.

Water cycle model