Month: September 2021

Week starting 20th September, 2021

For our EYFS pupils, this week has all been about ‘Measure, Measure and more Measure!’ We have taken measurements using our hands, counted the number of cubes as a measure and challenged ourselves to make the longest worm out of play dough. 



Our word of the week was, ‘more’.

We explored when we use it before adding it to our conversations in Maths and PSHE. We concluded that it doesn’t matter if one person has more, the kindest thing to do is to share!


Communication with Miss Morris was all about the listening skill of ‘looking at the person who is talking’. The pupils had to find different facial expressions to retrieve the toy!

Phonics with the EYFS pupils was all centred on s a t p i n. The pupils are learning to blend two of the sounds as well as beginning to mark make to form the letters.

Finally, we have some favourite ‘Brain Break’ songs. Search for the details below and have a go at the dances. There are definitely some real movers in LB 1!

  • Koo Koo Kangaroo – Pizza Song
  • Koo Koo Kangaroo – Superhero Song
  • Waka Waka (Just Dance)
  • 5-a-day Fitness – Big Jubilee Dance


Welcome LB 1 , a New Year has begun!

Two weeks have passed and already the new cohort feel as if they have been within the Language Base forever. Friendships have formed and all the pupils have settled into their new individual routines comfortably.

We have spent the first two weeks getting to know each other and completing many team challenges and communication sessions.

We have began our curriculum for the Autumn term – Our Place in History.

The children have all been so enthusiastic about their learning both within LB 1 and their mainstream setting, I am very excited to see what the year holds for us all.

Yr. R pupils enjoy their time in Reception:


Communication and Listening in LB 1:

Motor Skill activities in LB 1:




Sequencing work learning: First, then and last.

LB2 stars at the stat of term

Welcome to all. The children have settled in well and are beginning to get used to working hard in KS2. It is lovely that they can benefit from accessing larger classes in mainstream and the communication opportunities that affords. They have shown so many of the school values in the last two weeks. We have been busy with our usual drama activities to introduce our book – Tuesday – and created a giant timeline on the field to show where the Ancient Greeks fit into history. We have also been creating symbols in clay to represent ourselves in RE as we reflect on symbols that are important in faith especially Hinduism