Month: February 2017

Learning with our Parents

We always welcome our parents into school to help us in many ways. Dr De La Pena has been helping Year 1 find out about their amazing bodies.  Have a look at Year 1’s page and see what they’ve been learning. 

Circuit Training

This week we started our new science topic: electricity! We’ve been investigating how to make electrical circuits and got to explore lights, motors and buzzers.

We found out lots of things such as bulbs get brighter, motors get faster and buzzers get louder (our favourite) if you connect more cells. Also, the motor changed direction if you change the wires over.

We even used different types of switches to make lighting circuits and door bells.


Dr De La Pena

We had a very informative morning today in Year 1! Dr De La Pena spent the morning with us talking to us about his job and answering all of our questions. He talked about the different types of Doctors, how they help us and the tools they use. We had the chance to use his stethoscope, listening to our lungs and our heart beat. 


IMG_0577[1] IMG_0578[1] IMG_0579[1]

Story time

This afternoon some of the Year 3 children brought their stories to read to us.  The stories they had written were all about the ice age and included a variety of characters such as dinosaurs and mammoths!  The Reception children listened attentively and responded to what they heard asking questions and and commenting on the stories.  Thank you Year 3, what a lovely story time.

Elmer the elephant

Elmer the elephant had many different colours in his patchwork coat.  We used different coloured jams to make an edible patchwork and made our own berry juice, pink not elephant grey!


Willy Wonka crafts

Year 1 and  year 2 enjoyed our afternoon of making the props and resources to decorate our Feed the Read room. Over the holiday there are plans to add the book shelves, re locate the power sockets and finally set up this wonderful resource. We hope to start using it fully next half term.

This afternoon we have been busy making a life size Willy Wonka to greet us each morning.


We got very messy with newspaper ,glue  and a balloon to model his head.


Stuffing his legs and body.





Making Golden Tickets and Wonka bars.


IMG_1235[1]Using Lego to build  the chocolate factory


Making sweets out of playdough.





Designing our own sweets. If you eat this one it makes you blow bubbles.


Making sweet decorations to hang from the ceiling.



Fabulous Penguins!

Look at the amazing penguins in LBSY.  The children made these at home and brought them into school to show everyone.




Great Grammar!

We have been writing sentences with adverbs and prepositions, conjunctions and contractions. We can remember what these words mean!

LBSY Open Art Afternoon!

On Wednesday 15th February the children and parents of LBSY had great fun painting all afternoon!

Look at the great fun we had creating wonderful works of art. 

Cameron – Enjoyed painting hands and cleaning up paint pots.

Harrison – I liked painting my hands.

Jaiden- I liked painting my daddy!

Rowan –  I liked painting with my mummy.

Bobby – I remember painting Morrison’s for my picture which I really enjoyed. 

Taylor – I liked painting my mummy!

Mally – I liked painting the DLR Docklands Wright railway.

Erin – I liked painting with my nanny.

Jacob – I painted a picture of ASDA.

Oscar – I liked painting a sweet shop with all my favourite sweeties in. 

Look at our photos of the afternoon. 

IMG_1548[1]IMG_1547[1] IMG_1540[1] IMG_1542[1] IMG_1546[1] IMG_1543[1]

IMG_1541[1] IMG_1545[1]

What am I ?

In Literacy this week we have really enjoyed writing riddles. Here we are  busy working with our learning partners to  write a riddle about a fruit. We enjoyed asking our friends to solve them.

IMG_1160[1] IMG_1161[1]


IMG_1163[1] IMG_1166[1] IMG_1169[1] IMG_1173[1] IMG_1179[1] IMG_1175[1] IMG_1178[1]

Fabulous writing boys and girls. Next we are going to add even more adjectives and similes to make them even better.

Hope you enjoy solving riddles at home too !