Month: May 2016

New 3RB WW2 Discovery Area!

We have a new Discovery area to learn all about World War Two and Plants. We have combined our Theme and Science topics to learn about the Dig for Victory campaign. We are even growing tomatoes and beans, planted by the Gardening Club!

Co-ordination exercises 19.5.16


The children enjoyed rotating around different table activities today and had time limits. This activity needs lots of concentration to see how many pebbles can go neatly in a row!


Prayer Spaces

We all had a lovely, calm time with Emma and others from Lickey Church  today. We sat in small teams playing games encouraging us to think about who we are thankful for and why it’s important to say sorry. We learnt some ways to say a prayer if we ever wanted to.  IMG_0754[1] IMG_0756[1] IMG_0757[1] IMG_0758[1] IMG_0762[1] IMG_0766[1] IMG_0767[1] IMG_0774[1] IMG_0776[1]

Systematic Working

Today we were in maths and working systematically. What is that I hear you say? It is where you work in an order. So first we had people wearing different coloured clothes. Mr Blue, Mr Red and Mr Green. We worked out how many possibilities they could wear their items of clothing.

By Amelia

Geography Day

4RF had an unofficial geography day today as we practiced our map skills. From using a compass to exploring grid references as well as recognising map symbols, we took advantage of the sun to get out of the classroom. 

Pizza maths!

What a fun morning!! We have made our own pretend pizzas with 4 different types of toppings. We cut our pizza up into halves and quarters and chose a different topping for each quarter. We are bringing them home in pizza boxes tonight so you can test us on halves and quarters! 



IMG_0742[1] IMG_0741[1] IMG_0740[1] IMG_0739[1] IMG_0737[1] IMG_0735[1] IMG_0734[1] IMG_0733[1]IMG_0743[1]

Sharing our Home Learning 13.5.16


It was fantastic to see a variety of activities in the children’s lovely home learning. This Maths activity involved the children having a tea party and sharing out food, cutlery and crockery equally between all the guests (cuddly teddies!). When we ‘share out’ we are dividing a total amount equally into groups.

Science 13.5.16


Today we had a competition! We went outside and split into two groups. Group one looked for as many ‘non-living’ things as possible whilst Group two looked for ‘living’ things. Group one won with twenty ‘non-living’ things!

Celebration for Y6

Year 6 are celebrating the end of SATs week tomorrow with a ‘duvet day’ to relax and unwind at the end of a challenging week. Excellent attitudes and brilliant efforts by EVERYONE. 

Can Year 4 Conduct Electricity?

Actually, we started by investigating whether water conducts electricity using a low voltage circuit. It does and we also discovered that adding salt made the water more conductive.

We then discussed the dangers of water and electricity, what happens to our heart if we are electrocuted and how doctors might be able to restart your heart using electricity.

However, if we’re mostly made of water does that mean we can conduct electricity? Well, we had a safe way to test this question with a human circuit…

…and yes, Year 4 can conduct electricity.

*Do not experiment turning yourself into a circuit – we knew what we were doing with safe equipment!