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Qui est Napoleon!

In literacy, we are learning how to write a biography of Napoleon. We are focusing on his early life up to when he was aged 24 and promoted to  Brigadier General.

Some of the boys in the class were being very resourceful and used our working wall to find lots of ideas to help them write outstanding sentences!  Well done boys!



What is a cinquain? A cinquain is a five-line poem of 2-4-6-8-2 syllables per line. Year 4 have been writing cinquain poems to describe winter weather and we’ve also looked at how we can present them in imaginative ways:




Anti-Bullying Drama

We’ve been reading The Angel of Nitshill Road, a book about bullying. We did some drama about Nitshill Road School and we got some advice from all the other groups in order to improve our own performance. Some of  us were bullies and some of us were victims and we had to imagine what different people felt like.

We really enjoyed doing this and we would like to do it again. Next time, I would like to do drama based on the book called Fantastic Mr Fox.

By Miller and Jessica

Name Calling

Playground Tussle


Up The Villa

This week, Year 4 have been using estate agent speak to sell a property. However, this was a Roman villa and before we could write our sales brochures we had to investigate what a villa was like and how the Romans used to live.

Villa Brochures

Ashleigh's Brochure