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World Book Day in 2MG!


Guess the character

We each took it in turns to sit on the HOT SEAT and wear the character hat while everyone else in the class had to give a clue as to who was on the character card. We could give clues about physical attributes or personality but not give the name away! The tricky ones were Wally, Lord Voldemort and the pickle from the Hungry Caterpillar – how would you describe them?IMG_1390

World Book Day 1KG

Wow 1KG looked great for World Book Day.IMG_0037

World Book Day in Year Three

To celebrate World Book Day in Year Three, we have been taking part in lots of fun activities! We played Who Am I? with book characters, we took part in a book scavenger hunt and we even read books written in French! Tres bon! 

IMG_2221[1] IMG_2222[1] IMG_2227[1] IMG_2229[1] IMG_2265[1] IMG_2287[1]

World Book Day 2017

We had a fantastic World Book Day with lots of opportunities to read and discuss books. We found lots of books that we wouldn’t normally read and actually found they were really good and want to keep reading them!

We even did some World Book Day maths as we investigated the ISBN numbers that every book has – a real life use of mathematics to avoid computer errors.

Year 1 Don ‘t judge a book by its cover !

Today, dressed in our PJs and slippers we have had so much fun celebrating World Book Day. First we told each other what our books were about but with out revealing the titles. We chose a book that we liked the sound of. Then we unwrapped it !!

What a lovely surprise we had.

We shared our books with each other and enjoyed listening to stories too. Finally, in true bedtime fashion , we enjoyed some hot chocolate and toast.


Maizie told us that her book was about a naughty little school girl .


We liked Miss Perry’s story.


Are you sitting comfortably ?



Hot chocolate station.


We couldn’t wait to open our books .



This is what my book is about.

IMG_1296[1]Unwrapping the books .

World Book Day

What a fantastic day we have had. We enjoyed meeting the visitor from the library who shared a story, ‘Kitchen Disco’! We brought our books in wrapped up and we had a lucky dip so that each one of us had a book that we wouldn’t normally choose. Even though we couldn’t see the front of the book we had fun deciding whether the paper matched the book inside! 

We have also been busy making book marks to match our ‘time’ theme in Maths. 

We now have a new book, a book token to help buy a new story and a book mark to keep our place when we read!

World book day

Today we came to school in our pjs and snuggled down with a book. We all ended up choosing a book we wouldn’t necessarily go for! IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1460 IMG_1461 IMG_1464

2MG Enjoying our Books

World Book Day: Shakespeare Challenge

To celebrate World Book Day, 4RF sat reading and discussing books of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays – from Hamlet to A Midsummer’s Night Dream, from Romeo and Juliet to Macbeth. Then we watched a performance of a famous speech from Henry V! We loved these stories and wanted to read more…