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Blast off into Space!

  We started our journey in Year 1 where there was a surprise waiting for us in 1RB






What could it be ?






Wow! It was a rocket launch area.  We were on a journey to the moon.






We saw asteroids.










We then went back to the classroom and made rockets.









Taylor is making galaxy mobiles.








Cameron came to join us and he and Liam made star constellations. 






Azaan is investigating flour and water .  He is making a moon picture. 







We having great fun with the space station.









Harrison is looking at the night sky  with a torch in our black out tent. 








We are off to investigate the solar system.








First stop the sun.  












The closest planet to the sun is Mercury. It is very hot here.






Venus – a very beautiful, peaceful planet. 






Oh good! We are at Earth. Far enough away from the sun to have  heat and light. 






The red planet – Mars! Why is it so red?







We have arrived at Jupiter. We looked carefully at the swirling mass on the planet. This is a storm that has been raging for hundreds of years !







Here is Saturn  with all its rings. I wonder what the rings are made of? 










Off we go on our travels. Which planet is next!












We have arrived at Uranus. 









Gosh! Its a long way to get to this planet.












We are still going!








At last we have arrived at Neptune.




It must be very cold as we are a long way from the sun. 





Here we are at the end of our journey!









Harrison very kindly brought in a badge for each of the children.

Thank you!

Science Festival Fun

We had a great time learning all about space. We enjoyed travelling to the moon, making rockets and investigating sending our astronauts into orbit.

Albert Haldmann Poster

Today, we made a poster about Albert Haldmann. We researched facts about him to make beatiful posters.

Science Festival!

In 3LE we made a volcano picture – we used charcoal, paint and a pencil. Year 4 children joined their mainstream class and investigated  moon craters. We had to drop a marble in the sand and describe the shape of the crater.  In Year 5 we made a holiday advert for the planet Mars and Year 6 looked at the contribution to science by Professor Stephen Hawking – a tribute to a great scientist.

We  all felt happy and excited about our Science day!

Year One Make Rockets!

Here are just a few of our wonderful rocket creations.


Science Festival

Year 2 are having such a fun Science day!

We have just got back from our walk to Neptune venturing throughout our solar system visiting each planet on the way!